Broadband issues in Blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Goodfella, Apr 29, 2004.

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  1. I am currently in Blandford and I realise that we have a big Broadband issue in that some have it, some don't! Various suggestions have been muted around the Garrison about different technologies that can be used. Does anybody have any other real suggestions that could also be used. TY
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    I’m in Blandford and I am also one of the lucky ones in that I have Broadband. I also know of 4 other homes that have access to it, 1 of which has two 512 lines going into it.

    A few months ago form was shoved through my letterbox, it was asking if I wanted Broadband in my quarter, this happened to all the other houses on the patch.

    Although the canvassing was done it was not done in a controlled manner. I think we all have just scanned loose letters that arrive through the door only to bin them. I know this happened in Blandford as (I think) only about 30 returns were made.

    The way I would have played it would have been to knock on all the doors in Blandford and asked the householder directly if they wanted it, emphasizing that it was not legally binding and also pointing out that the people after their tour was over may need/want it (guessing game, but this is the millennium). I would also ask the single soldiers to as many of the permanent staff has land line hooked up into their rooms.

    If you need any help with the footwork just drop me a PM and I’ll try my best.

    23c +
  3. There has been some tears over this. Some background info

    There are 2 feeds into Blandford Camp, one feeds the officers MQ and is of the old Aluminium type (installed donkeys years a go when there was a copper shortage) the other feed I wont state that route here but it is long.

    Anyway despite the attenuation problems just getting on camp we then have a very old distribution network using overhead cables (not ideally suited to datacomms). Combined with this there is not enough capacity to fully run the MQ area nevermind the single accomodation. Becuase of that BT as is their stratergy have employed mulitple DACS systems around the estate and along the main feed into camp. Now DACS for the uniformed takes 2 lines and digitally multiplex over 1 line, but newer DACS systems can see as many 5 lines multiplexed. The problem with this is connection speeds rarely go over 32k bps and this in turn makes users want such products as broadband.

    Now for the MQ`s the route goes via the main gate down the main drag to the DP across from the Sgt`s mess. This route then continues along south crescent to central park and the splits to feed racedown/valley road, colledge road, kingdown and gunville. Unfortunatly that puts Kingdown and Gunville at a disadvantage becuase they are at the very end of the route. Saying that I know of a couple of lucky punters in Gunville who have broadband up and running. But this comes down to the quality of their connectivity back to the exchange which sits behind the Crown Hotel.

    Solutions, well there is an easy and a hard way. Easiest way is BT move a new PABX (with DSL support) switch up to Blandford and provide a 10 meg+ pipe back to the main network at blandford, Job sorted.

    Or the camp invites another Company such as NTL to rewire the camp providing both broadband and Cable TV access. Big dividends off this one just by adding the singlies into the TV deal. This is not such a big feat. The ground is mostly grass and easy to re constitute, The only reason BT have left us with poles is becuase we dont bloody well complain enough. They will not fix or replace something unless it has a financial hit to the network (such as repair/maint expenditure).

    Of course we could use a wireless system with a local village but that will never happen. Bloody pipe dream that one way too much money.

    Unfortunatly the local flyer was not run very well and that will have a knock on effect but dare I say I think this issue has been forced upon the wrong person.

    Of course BT say they will upgrade exchanges for 200 customers but our exchange HAS been upgraded. It is the distribution that is letting us down.

    Now I dont want to put the cat among the pidgeons but we as Blandford camp the Regiment and MQ`s combined pay a fair whack into the local exchange profits. I think someone with high standing should invite the district BT area mananger down and bang a few desks and tell them they have 12 months to deliver a new package or someone else will be invited to tender for the network.

    The fibre connectivity is already here. We just need a new local switch and a brand new cabling infrastructre installed. Yes it is expensive but not the end of the earth. Once the facility is here it will reap dividends, just in the singlies and MQ subscribers alone.

    The only thing that can bite us in the arrse is if DCCIS closes Blandford but this can go the other way too. If Blandford becomes TRI service expect the customer base to treble if not quadrouple.

    Well that covers that and unfortunalty pretty much fingers who I am...

    I will not be answering the phone tomorrow :wink:
  4. disco .. why do your posts seem like a lecture ..... soz not getting at u (I always read them)..
  5. cos once I start I cant bloody stop... LOL

    Another issue becuase of the lack of capacity, anyone who succesfully gets ISDN or ADSL on camp forces more people onto DAC`s which in turn creates more slow/failed connections.

    Remember that as a standard BT customer they are obliged only to provide Voice. They have no responsability to ensure you can connect to the internet. Although they will try and move you off DAC`s at your request when push comes to shove they can refuse.
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    that sounds like BT all over
    you don't get something for nothing with them
    but in my experience you REALLY would NOT want NTL
    at least you have a phone that works at the mo
    if you go over to NTL it may not work 90% of the time anyway and don't expect a decent picture on cable tv, mine was even snowier than the terestrial !!
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    749 Old-Salt

    or as we are supposed to be telecomms engineers etc
    why not get the guys/gals in the garrison to do it?
    just think of the training value
    got to be worth more than Ex Topum Hat down at Swanage??
  8. Although a good idea and yes the baby Install techs would definatley profit from the experience there are a few problems.

    1. The cost of a underground network would be prohibitive especially as there would be no cost recovery from customer accounts.

    2. Once installed the Garrison and housing estate would require a fair amount of maintainance and fault cover (who would provide this?).

    3. The Military have an obligation not to affect local buisnesses in that they can "squeeze" local firms becuase we do not pay for manpower etc. Any work would have to be seen as a charity or providing a service that is unavailable.

    The phase 2`s (once trained) could do it its just the what happens after thats the problem.
  9. 749

    749 Old-Salt

    you sell the installed network back to BT or whoever at just above cost price of the equipment and they maintain it as normal with a small discount to users of the service on the garrison
  10. I can confirm that exactly 100 returns were received (pretty much works out where I work then!) which is a very poor result considering the amount of people that have banged on about Broadband. What would you have done to control the canvassing better? Any suggestions please!!!
  11. The problem is while someone is waving the flag its easy for people to spout their 2 penneth as well. Then when it comes to actually having to do something they dissapear.

    Ive seen the flyers, the bit in the mercury, publicity isnt the problem.

    You could try asking Troop Staffies to hold a head count the pass on the data to yourself.

    I would suggest though as time goes on more and more people will either return from a unit that has BB or ready to try BB compared to dial up. People at first will enter their postcode into the BT broadband availability site and get a green light. Only when it comes to the engineer test they will be told they cannot have it. Hopefully as time goes on more and more of these failed applications will wake BT up. Your best hope is that Blandford survives DCCIS and becomes the new TRI service CIS trainer. This will see a new housing estate and singlie accomodation. BT would be more inclined to regenerate the existing network to cater for any new build.

    How about putting on Part One Orders a phone number in your department for people to register there interest, you can them make a petition list?
  12. This subject will go round and round as it is emotive to say the least. If the entusiasm for entries to this site were matched by the returns being completed and not "binned" headway would be made. To clarify Disco's wonderful technical essay there are problems with the cable infrastructure in two places a) One of the cables from town is not of sufficient quality to carry Broadband - if you are on it you will not get it! and b) There are two Aluminium cables feeding the Soldiers Married Quarters carrying 200 users - again tough luck if you are on it. BT will only replace if there are a large number of requests on those specific cables.

    If the illiterate among you who could not understand a simple flyer which said "This is not a binding contract.....will enable the Garrison to strengthen its case", how would you understand what would be explained on your doorstep.

    It seems that everyone is a Class 1 when whinging and a Cadet when it comes to doing. Unfortunately everyone wants everything - if someone else does it for them! Wireless systems have been investigated and are cost prohibitive, NTL are not in the area (or Telewest) - but I believe other companies are being approached. It seems that when a system is investigated the cost to the company is not viable and as the apathetic response proves they may not be onto a winner! Some clown even suggested flying a balloon over the Garrison to give coverage.

    If you want to help do the simple thing and register your interest or is that too easy! And if you want a good case to be put forward get your friends to fill in their forms as well, help could probably be provided if they do not know what to say - even print off Disco's essay as an explanation or maybe Disco will do a lecture!

    Get up and register now!
  13. I would be happy to fill in the local populace on the finer details of fixed communications and broadband but not for 10 people :twisted: hehe

    To be honest the real problem is Broadband is still fairly young despite the big media push you see on the TV.

    I would say 12-24 months down the road a lot of service families posted into Blandford will be more upset about the lack of broadband and perhaps that will be the right time to strike at BT.

    Again I will say wait for DTR, If it goes Blandfords way new MQ`s etc will require a new inititaive from BT which if addressed properly should rejuvinate the estate.
  14. that would seem like a logical idea
    everyone a winner
  15. Somehow, I don't really think that BT or any other telecommunications company would entertain such an idea. So unfortunately it's back to the drawing board!!