Broadband in barrack room?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Shane1986, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. Hey folks,
    I'm currently in the process of joining the army and heard recently that in some barracks mainly the infantry ones you can get a landline phone and broadband into your room in the barracks is this at all true? And inpaticular is this available in the Royal Irish barracks in Tern Hill?

    Thanks for any feed back on this, it's much appreciated.
  2. First post and a question like this .................... be prepared for a warm welcoming

  3. Ask your P.A she'll advise.
  4. You are learning well Padawan...........
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  5. Yeah, it's usually located next to the nespresso machine.
  6. Absolutely. and enough electric sockets for you XBox,PSP AND chargers for you Ipod and mobile phone.

    I've also heard tell that if they reaaly really really like you The Guard Commander at Tern Hill will come to your room after lights out and make sure you are all tucked up nice and cozy like under your Thomas The Tank Duvet.
  7. It's a trap!
  8. Thanks for the sarcasm was just curious as I will be joining from southern Ireland and was just wondering how easy it would be to remain in contact with family! Nice to know every fourm has it's pricks rather than just bypassing the topic they have to leave there version of childish humor!
  9. Pricks you say? Do you have firm tight buttocks?
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  10. What has my arse got to do with anything? You taking a personal interest?
  12. Just for quality control purposes.
  13. It's obviously early doors on Mad Monday.

    Give me strength.


    I shall now carry on throwing things at the dog's head.
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  14. Thanks The Snail that's all I needed to know!
  15. Don't get an O2 dongle though, as they are shit. 3 seems to be much better.