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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by carlbcfc, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. We have the worlds shitest broadband provided by Virgin.

    Ive spent the day being flipped between what felt like the Indian from Phonejacker, and Altcourse prison in Liverpool.

    My problem is the "Ready Light" on the modem flashing, when it should be solid. They have not a clue what the problem is, and want to send a tech out NEXT WEEK to sort it out.

    They tried what they could their end, ive tried here, we even signed up another modem without success.

    Ive now resorted to "borrowing" bandwith from neighbours, but now even they have dissapeared, leaving me with a bunch of security enabled networks. Is there a "cheat" for this?

    I really do not want to spend the next week talking to the mrs.
  2. Afraid I can't help with your dilema, although I can offer you some advice on what you type on the Internet, Borrowing your neighbours Bandwidth can get you into trouble with the boys in blue. I know there is gun crime, murders and drug dealers galore but there will be a spotty nerdy young in a whizz police hit squad watching for key words like this. Where's my tin foil hat.

    On the other hand you can try using default passwords, just like the one you got when you signed up to Virgin. Most people can't be arsed to change it :roll:
  3. On a similar subject, is there any way to tell if someone is stealing your bandwidth? Mine has dropped down to less than 0.7Meg recently, when I should be getting up to 5.5.
  4. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    wheres mrs when you want him?
  5. What your trying to do is called "Wardriving" in geek terminology and is quite illegal, there have even been prosecutions in the UK for this crime unbelievably. Shows you where the police have their priorities doesn't it.

    Anyhow, if the wireless hotspots in question just so happen to be secured with WEP instead of WPA/WPA2, it would be quite easy to break the password with the right software I suppose. Not that I'm implying anything...just sayin'....
  6. That's where I got my figures from. Until a few days ago I was normally getting about 3 - 4Megs from a max of 5.5 that BT said was possible.
  7. Yes...depending on your wireless router.

    If your router is secured with WPA/WPA2 its highly unlikely someone has managed to break your password and stealing your bandwidth unless you've set the password to be "password" or something like that.

    What wireless router/modem/AP do you use?
  8. It's a BT HomeHub Mk2 or something. With a phone.
  9. Do you have BT Vision Legs?

    Or voip call in progress?

    Even other windows open, streaming films etc etc, when the speedtest is done nothing in the house should be using bandwidth.
  10. Using the phone as a modem at the minute. But that will cost me no doubt.
  11. Are Virgin watching you?. There's a nice advert for them at the bottom of my page :D
  12. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Most mcdonalds have wifi these days, theyll be open for an hour or so longer
  13. Ok somewhere in its admin/control page there will most likely be a feature called "Current connections" or "Connected devices" or something like that. You need to look in there and look at the names of the devices that are connected (You can find out the name of your computer by going into the control panel in Windows and clicking on "System", then look for something that says "Computer name").

    Once you have ruled out all your own computers, anything else that is connected isn't meant to be...and you have a problem.

    Your problem is more likely to be something called contention though. Basically the bandwidth is shared at your local exchange between everyone who is connected to it, this is called a contention ratio. Most BT ADSL services have a contention ratio of 1:20. At its most simplest, this means that you are sharing bandwidth with 19 other people, and for every other person that is hammering their connection, your speed will drop by a factor of 1/20th.
  14. Happens it was actually Virgin Broadband I managed to connect to. Must have thought id connected to "my own' service.

    Im thinking of sacking Virgin. Just moved house with 2 months left on the contract, and being forced into another 12 month contract for moving house! Can that be legal?? (I was actually going to create a thread on that)