Broadband for more tha one computer?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. Nippers are getting to the age where they need Internet access for skool, so I need to find out if it is possible to get broadband for more than one computer - looking at say a PC plus one / two laptops.

    Can it be done for home use? Any tips?


  2. Depends on your modem/router etc; some have multiple ethernet ports, so with multiple cables can serve several computers.
  3. I have BT wireless broadband and all 3 laptops in my house are wireless enabled and all hook up to it no bother. This might be your way forward mate ;)
  4. Same thing with a Sky box, mine goes to:-

    1 x Main PC, 1 x Laptop (wired) and 1 x Wii (Wireless).

    The box still has 3 available slots for more wired points.
  5. Yes I agree - wireless Broadband is the way forward - I also have an HP C7180 printer that connects to all of my PCs and Laptops wirelessly, so we can all print too.

    If you have/get Broadband with a standard modem (from any supplier), you can just buy a wireless router (Belkin do decent kit) to convert the "wired" connection into wireless.
  6. thanks very much, guys; sounds straightforwards enough.

  7. I agree with previous post,I work for a telecomms company and most of the engineers in my area have wireless laptops and in our depot ther can be up to 15 laptops wirelessly connected to a BT business hub on 7Mbps broadband.
  8. I agree with the above posts re: wireless, however two main points from me:
    1. Ensure you encrypt your connection to the highest possible bit level. Even if you don't do internet banking etc you really dont want to get nabbed because some freeloader has been downloading kiddy porn from your connection.
    2. If you decide to go with the wireless devices offered by ISP's, stay away from the BT home hub. Our first one didn't work properly, we had our first bill before we managed to convince the customer support bloke's it was fcuked. They kept fobbing us of with excuses about interference from various sources-mirrors, electric appliances, the table in the next room, walls- all bullshit. the replacement worked despite this "Interference". Also the digital phone system is rubbish quality, when will these digital obsessed fcukers realise we live in an analogue world.
  9. as above run 2 laptops with a wireless router
  10. To expand mine I threw a 24 port hub at the router and just ran some cat5 around the house. When the kids net is out it'll probably because I've unplugged the bu66ers ;)
  11. Almost yes, unless you have 6ft mud/stone damp walls between the router and wireless stations.

    Important point is to be able to control what websites your nippers are allowed to access.

    If the ISP = BT/sky/virgin/et all are UNABLE to give you free software to protect your NIPPERS/laptop/workstation then dont use them or buy the software!!!!!!!!!!

    also, if you are on the "up to the last 50 yards" of the BT broadband system then your speed will be slow or at best crap slow.

    Virgin aka local NTL Telewest (in select areas only) will give you the Nippers protection software but you have to sign up for the xl package.

    IE7 gives you control over the nippers websites but you have to enter a password EVERY time they want to access a new website.

    Have fun.
  12. I concur wit the above. Wireless is the way to go.
    I am on the other side of the pond so ISP's differ.
    I have a Mac, a Mac laptop and a HP laser printer all from one Mac Airport router, also my sons MacBook. It also works well with my windows laptop from work. Actually, Mac Airport might be a good choice as it works with any windows machine, is fairly cheap, sets up easily. The only time I called tech support was the day I got it. Tech support walked me through the setup and is in Canada, not Bangladesh or Sri Lanka.

    Just remember that anyone close enough to get in through the router is probably a neighbor who knows you so don't make password any of your names, cats names, dogs names etc as whoever is hacking in probably knows these. It could present a problem if someone downloaded 3000 kiddie porn images from your IP address.

    Also, the ISP providers will try to sell you telephone for broadband. I did not want that for two reasons. 1) It won't work with my alarm system which senses burglars, fire and freeezing and calls the police, fire dept, and oil company respectively (live in New England) 2) If you call 911 (your 999) from a phone line the address pops up on a screen at dispatch, if called via broadband they get the address where the ISP meets the phone lines. Not sure how cops and fire work in UK but you might check it out.

    Good luck!
  13. BT Home Hub, just plug the box to the mains and your inbound phone jack. Can't think of even the cheapest laptop sold in the past year or so that won't talk to it direct wih no add ons needed, no wires, nothing. PC's need a stubby aerial, about four inches high, that plugs in a USB port. Normal red brick house, works in every room and down the garden in the garage. Make sure your internet security is up to date and your connection is encrypted, is all.

    With one lad playing role games worldwide, another doing Facebook or downstreaming movies, and me doing Arrse, the wife phoning abroad, all simultaneous, not a glitch at all.

    My firm used to have to pay a grand a time to have ISDN installed at premises, but the demand was only as much as I have at home for, I think, £25 a month.
  14. ranton/

    I live 5+ ks from my exchange therefore 1 meg is just possible. 2.8ks away, between ex and moi is Whittington House, BTs Global connect/switch/NASA control room-alike, with sod off great optical links all over, as I understand it.

    You would think this remote corner of Shropshire would be a little comms hot spot, centre of the art of the possible etc.

    You would of course be wrong, we only got digital dialling on the older part of the exchange, 10 years ago. Useless twats.
    I like to class BT alongside MoD procurement contract writers, politicians and the like.


    Nothing personal, I just like to do my bit for the people who charge me lots for providing little.