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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by dogguk, Dec 26, 2009.

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  1. I'm due to start a course at Landwarfare Centre at Warminster, its a fairly long course so need internet access, does ayone no what the best mobile braodband dongle is that will see me through, according to Orange you get coverage but from past experience your lucky to get a phone signal.
  2. I use a Vodaphone 3G thingy. They proclaim that it can run connections up to 3mb/sec or something like that. The most I've ever had out of it is 90kb/sec. Don't believe the hype, though I've only once had problems connecting.
  3. All we got here is cocoa tins n string. But I am interested in the subject for when I get back to UK, briefly, next year. So lets have lots of sage advice please.
  4. Don't get an O2 cos they is shitey !

    I have heard good reports about the Vodafone one tho' !
  5. Plenty of coverage checkers on the net. You just need the postcode.
  6. This one looks good, but I have had individual dips in coverages when using these maps, so worth checking with someone actually on site where you are to be that there are no local dead-spots.
  7. I had the 3G one ages ago it was crap
  8. What would be the best one for travelling in Europe.
  9. ive got a vodafone dongle had it for about 3 years, you need to get the right contract though or you will get stung. ive got a europe wide mobile roaming conection with unlimmited downloads, cost around 50 euro,s a month. never been anywhere where i cant get a signal and its very fast.
  10. Best get yourself down to Vodafone ASAP, just brought my mobile broadband monthly down from £30pm to £18 and a new sparkly dongle to boot, unlimted usage too :D
  11. its a 2 year contract and doesnt run out untill next march but i will be renewing it, thanks for the tip.
  12. TBH, mine come up for renewal, went into the store to replace/upgrade the dongle, the assistant was going to do it on the same terms until I mentioned the offer in the window, so best to ask if they have it. I think you can upgrade now, mine was 3 months off upgrade.
  13. You might be best off starting with the PAYG dongles - most of these can be refunded if they don't perform. I needed a dongle for a particular location near Pirbright, and tried Vodaphone, Orange and O2.

    (In the end, they were all rubbish.... as are most WiFi services. I think UK has the worst value for money comms of any supposedly internet-wired country.)
  14. Dont get a 3 dongle they are pants and have hidden charges and cut you off all the time
  15. Got a 3G one cant say I've had any problems with it I got the new dongle so it works OK most of the time if you have the old "soap on a rope" type then they are pish so ask for an upgrade or tell them you are cancelling.

    As a side note you can also play them off I can get Virgin dongle for with 3gig allowance for £7.50 via work explained to 3 what I was offered and they matched it they are caliming speeds of up to 7M/bits