Broadband at phase 2

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Caboose, Jul 23, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know how i go about getting Broadband at Phase 2 in blandford? Apparently bt say i can't but some one has it in one of the other ten man rooms?
  2. There's a novel concept; 21st Century communications at Blandford?
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  3. Yea i know ! the area is flooded with wifi - wifinity- but its pants and doesnt allow xbox because of the MTU! and the fun thing is NO PHONE SIGNAL!
  4. I had BB in the Z type Sgts Mess Building... Fucking years ago! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
  5. Do you have a phone line in your room? If not they'll need to install one which is £120 connection fee, not sure how much you'd pay for the physical line to be put in though.

    Have you asked if you'd be allowed to have it installed?
  6. I asked COC " how do i go about getting a homehub in my room2 they replied " just order it !
  7. Yep. Go to BT and order it. Nothing free in this world. You want it, get it and pay for it!
  8. The one off fee includes getting the NTE within 3 metres off the entry point, which in this case would be the chaps room. You have to ask though is it worth the cost with a contract included for the relatively small amount of time you will be spending there.
  9. Depends what course he's on the chaps in 3 sqn are there for at least 14 months so it would be worth it, ask in the block I've seen BT hubs in other rooms.
  10. Minimum 12 month contract and if you cancel early, you get financially HAMMERED by BT. Robbing fuckers!
  11. Most of the bunks in Celle had it... pretty sure a few bunks in Matafar and Herford had it too.

    If you are on a corridor with a connection already it could be cheaper.
  12. Are you fucking serious? Broadband? Get out off camp and go on the piss. Fucking broadband. Next you'll be telling us you have a duvet, dont get shouted out, asked politely to do something, cuddle upto a teddy when the nasty Cpl shouts at you. Unless you are using it for nefarious purposes ie hardcore animal porn continental stylee. In which case invoke the Human Rights Act-it is every perverts right to have access to t'internet for porn.
  13. There's this ad running on arrse at the moment.
    This lady with a very annoying voice,who recorded herself in a toilet,will tell you all about it.
  14. Wifinity are wanker than a wank thing that's wank.
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  15. This man speaks utter sense!