Broad discussion about place of Russia in the modern World.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. Our friend In-Limbo in another thread (about Iraqi war) kindly expressed his views about Russia and its policy. I would like to answer in separate thread.

    If not Russia then our Chinese friends would sell weapons to Iran (and to Syria as well) anyway. So why Russia should reject profits?

    If the tide of popularity turns then (as in any other country) new politicians would be elected to run Russia. Opposition parties (except the communists) are not very popular. On local elections they get as a rule only few per cent of votes. As for revolution then if it would be needed then it would happen.

    As I see you agree with me. Though it is not my businees. British people has right to elect as a ruller anybody it wishes.

    I don't know was the man killed or not. I'm sure that you personally hasn't killed him. But we? It depends on your definition of we.

    Nonsense. The died journalist was not well known figure. He hasn't written anything secret or unacceptable to the authorities. But all standards the Dr.Kelly case is much more suspicious.

    Yes, Russia plans to build 25 nuclear plants in the near future. If not then i fear gas supplies to Europe (including the UK) would be bounded. Btw china plans to build 100 nuclear plants. and I believe that the UK would build them as well.

    By elections. Unpopular politician hasn't chances to be elected.

    Entering Kosovo NATO countries voted for the UNSC resolution that recognised Kosovo as a part of Yugoslavia. But really the West fooled Russia.

    NATO promised not to build new military installations in former Warsaw Pact territory, but the new bases are there in Romania and Bulgaria, and now more are planned in Poland and the Czech Republic.

    I meant that if Westermn politicians promiss something then is doesn't mean that they will act according to their words.