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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jul 23, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Found this from Wingletang:

    Young, enthusiastic, unfettered by 'dering do' or operations,
    Engaged with people, from walks of life, no complications,
    Chips cooked in pans, on illegal cookers, on the backs of trucks,
    Late night drill nights, drinking heavy, drove home with luck,
    Friday starts, no complaints, keen to get away amongst the fray,
    No talk of helicopters, no battles, just banter on the way,
    Friends for life, unknown to the wife, and who just might,
    Come the day, any day with strangers, but colleagues, to fight.
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Young, enthusiastic, full of dering do, focussed on operations,
    All still thrown together, as then, still no complications,
    laughing at the old fat bastards, high cholesterol, lardy fucks,
    Despising the subsidised pissheads, risking others lives on "luck",
    Same Friday starts, still no complaints, just like "back in the day",
    Talk of helicopters they flew in, to battles they fought in (for some, anyway),
    Still friends for life, still colleagues, but no reliance on "might"

    Amended to reflect the more modern TA, without the benefit of rose tinted glasses.
  3. Joined to train to be a soldier, joined to meet and make new friends,
    Joined to learn new skills and then perhaps, make a contribution,
    Joined to be a part of something, something more than just a person,
    Joined to give of time and any talent, no longer just a plainsman.

    Joined not to pass any judgement on my fellow volunteers,
    Joined to be a member of a team, not to be an individual,
    Joined to have a second string upon my archer’s bow,
    Joined to exercise freedom’s choice, and not to be contractual.

    Joined because I brought that something extra, or so I really thought,
    Joined despite my muddled life, lonely wife, and employment strife,
    Joined against the narrow judgement of peers and vocal friends,
    Joined not to drink, but to have a drink, not a drunken lowlife.

    Joined with trust in my heart, and trust in my doughty leaders,
    Joined to take the lows, when highs were all around,
    Joined with trust in the Government to do the right thing,
    Joined with pride, and a belief so profound.

    Joined to believe in the principles of a moral fight,
    Joined in the knowledge that I would be respected,
    Joined knowing that I would be trained and resourced,
    Joined that I knew what would always be expected.

    Didn’t join to have to give the benefit of the doubt,
    Didn’t join to be taken for granted, nor seem to be expendable,
    Didn’t join for a single fight, and then be cast aside,
    Didn’t join to lose faith in those I always thought dependable.

    I volunteer every time I stand outside the TAC
    I volunteer every time I stand in line at the armoury,
    I volunteer every time, every time, I tie my army laces,
    I volunteer every time I serve the Territorial Army.

    Joined to serve, the Queen and all her people,
    Joined to be – ‘twice a citizen’ - not to then besmirch.
    Joined to stand up if required, to arms if then essential,
    Joined to be a better man, and join a broader church.
  4. Fucks sake, it's not the end of the world. If you're good enough then transfer to another unit and do something more operationally focused. (*)

    The Armed Forces have bowed out of UK ops - see JDP 2 (if memory serves). That includes the TA previously assigned. If that offends you then go out and vote, become an MP or whatever and change things. But if you're in the Army then either pass through the stages of grieving and crack on or leave and tell stories down the pub.

    And as for all the nice to have long term retention stuff, Defence is broke. Deal with it. Whinge all you like - a soldier who's not dripping is probably dead - but for the love of God, baby Jesus and all those pretty little Angels stop acting like someone just dynamited your Mum. While she was petting your pet dog. And holding a kitten.

    (*) ADVERTISEMENT: 3 and 5 MI currently recruiting. DISCLAIMER: Other operationally relevant TA units exist.
  5. a kitten?


    hope it was OK.... :wink:
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Sheer poetry! :D
  7. Ah, but do these other 'operationally relevant' units receive training from Bravo Bravo?
  8. I understand that he spreads it around a lot ... anyone in range really.