Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Fred_Frog_1987, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. Just found this rather interesting website:


    I remember seeing the Soviet equivilent SOXMIS a few times back in BAOR, even tried to chase one in our Landy, but didn't stand a chance as we were in a Rebro and had a chuffin' heavy trailer attached.

    Happy days.
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  2. There's been a couple of good books on the subject too - The Last Mission (can't remember the author) and BRIXMIS by Tony Gerraghty. There's probably references to both on that site I expect. I've not seen anything published yet on the activities of those meant to chase SOXMIS though.
  3. The Last Mission was written by Steve Gibson. I found it a good book. I recall last year that there was an article in the papers about a documentary about Brixmis being made, but I havent heard anything since then. Any news from anyone?
  4. Awesome just had a look at the sight and saw my brother on the photo

    just going to send him the link to arrse

  5. There used to be a BRIXMIS display at the National Army Museum in Chelsea (at least when I last went a couple of years ago).
  6. Just been reading Brixmis myself, interesting stuff
  7. Mmmm, if they were that good....why didnt we see 1989 a' comin????
    Little mention on their site of their chase veh's......unlike our soxmis chasers which were fecking good. disapointed they didn't know what was coming I am sure the CoC were.......all that money wasted over the years for nowt!
  8. Thats the difference between then and now. Money was not the over riding factor when it came to the Cold War. Defence was judged on not speaking Ruskie so the insurance policy was worth the price.

    Oh how innocent those days were with only the fear of the Third Shock Army rolling over the IGB and the constant threat of a large bucket of sunshine turning Europe into a marbled floor car park for a thousand years. Compared to today, they were heady carefree times.

    (And Ivan didnt get pished off if you published a funny cartoon with him masturbating a goat either!)

    PS Just looked at the site and had a gander at some of the pics. Saw one of me old muckers on there!! :)

  9. 19 Sp Pl RMP at the Lipper Hellweg in Bielfeld. You'd have to check with the RMP Museum for any history on them. Spent a little time with them as a JAFO (Just Another F*cking Observer), great fun. Sweeney Type Ford Granada with a bloody large fuel tank which filled the boot and some lunatic full screw at the wheel. I can't remember how much fuel they took, but when full, the back of the car sank about 6 inches and it was difficult to steer with all the weight at the back. THey'd hang about outsde the SOXMIS compound at Bunde and as one came out they'd play cat and mouse all over the shop. It was f*cking great. You could be on the road for hours travelling at a ton plus. The Sov drivers knew the score, it was a laugh. Anyway, the real spying was done by Eastern block 'truck drivers' at dark o'clock at night. One of the other spy 'rumours' was that these 'truckers' were really Sov Offiers and that they'd measured the best 'fording points' on just about every river in West Germany. Probably a load of sh*te but who knows?

    When the Sierra Cosworth came out, a couple of lads popped down to the local Ford dealer and got one temporarily 'policed' up. The photo appeared as an April Fools joke in the Sixth Sense, which caused the Soviets to complain to the BLO as you were meant to declare every car you had to them and them to us.
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  10. If you think about, and spend a bit of time nattering to the likes of former BRIXMIS reps, you might just form the opinion that the BAOR/3 Shock Army deal was a bit of a self-licking lollipop.

    We were told by TPTB that we were there to stop them taking Zeebrugge, aided by the info from BRIXMIS and others, while they were justifiably concerned with preventing the Bundeswehr from trying to have another, more successful stab at taking Moscow, hence the SOXMIS interest in following Leos and Marders far more closely than 43s and Chiefies.

    It's just my opinion, mind, but the int that both parties were receiving may have prolonged our Duty Free concession far longer than was warranted. Not that I'm complaining.
  11. A lot of people failed to predict ’89. In its defence (not that they need any) BRIXMIS did not regularly operate in East Berlin and did not recognise East Germany as a legitimate authority (their status derived from an agreement with the Soviets) – therefore their coverage of events in East Berlin and their contacts with the regime was limited.

    As for value (remembering much of the cost came from the Berlin Budget) I might guess –

    Regular MkI Eyeball access by military professionals to the ‘threat’ – equipment, personnel, training, exercises, etc, etc. – for over 40 years.

    A standing 24/7/365 Allied presence in the Berlin local area to provide indicators and warning (I&W) for the Berlin garrison (probably giving enough time to build a mealie bag rampart around the Stadium and rehearse ‘Men of Harlech’).

    A wider Allied I&W effort over much of East Germany – and if your corporate memory goes back decades then ‘presence of the abnormal, absence of the normal’ is easier to do.

    Some stunning individual intelligence ‘scoops’ – some of which may have had implications far beyond the back roads of the GDR.

    A quasi-diplomatic channel between CinC BAOR and CinC GSFG – might have been useful in defusing some incidents and in getting, or reinforcing, various messages to the Sovs.

    A trilateral intelligence operation where, for once, the Brit contribution was bigger than that of the US – may have paid the bills in other areas.

  12. Sorry about coming to this forum so late,only just been told about ARRSE,which is basically what Northern Biff is talking.

    In terms of money,Brixmis paid for its self over,and over during its lifetime. The reason that "1989" wasn't picked up by the Mission is that it wasn't there for them or anyone else to pick up,to say it came out of the blue is an understatement,even the Sovs were surprised!

    Brixmis didn't operate in East Berlin at all,and their contact with the EG regime wasn't limited,it was non-existent,they didn't deal with them.period!

    As for chase vehicles,think about the Blues Brothers chase,bang in a few Helos,APC's?Tanks from time to time,and thats what it could be like.

    Imagine driving around a country with a big yellow number plate,big black number and,a union flag on it,attached to a western car painted olive drab/nato green,add to that the fact,people got "brownie points"for reporting them,and limited route access through certain "choke points",and you begin to get the picture,I hope! 8)

    RoofRat Hermes 69-72
  13. Try and find a copy of Recovery by Stephen L. Thompson. Although fiction and based on the USMLM, clearly writen by someone who had been there, done that.
    A cracking read and would have made a great film.
  14. Bin there,Sin it,Dun it! 8)

    RoofRat Hermes 69-72
  15. Anyone who served in BAOR will remember having one of these in their wallet at all times...

    SOXMIS card