Brixmis G wagon

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ches-fford, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. After a lot of work a 1989 G wagon used by Brixmis has been rebuilt and ready to display at the Duxford show it is still owned by the IWM .
    The damage caused when in service in the DDR have been repaired . a tidy bit of history from the good old days .
    the picture shown is during rebuild ..

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  2. It got whacked by a BMP allegedely. I seen the 'wreckage' in Stadium Bks. I thought that it was\earlie than 1989 though. Lucky boys, by all accounts the collision was not an accident. If I recall correctly it was around the same time that a Yank Officer from the US Mission got shot dead for getting too close to something he shouldn't have been close too and not heeding the Sovs warning to bugger off.

    Unless of course this is a different vehicle. If I'm right, it was one of the 'aquired' Argie ones from Stanley.
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  3. I bet that it's seen a few sights and could tell many a story.

  4. The Yank officer was shot around 1985. It was definately before I left Berlin in Feb 86.
  5. G Wagens were also used by Berlin Infantry Brigade and 3 Intelligence & Security Company for flag tours in the Soviet Sector. The carried normal British Army registration plates and were not allowed outside the city boundaries, except on the autobahn corridor to Helmstedt. There was at least one flag tour every day except Christmas Day, and the Int Corps crews wore other unit's berets when on thier tours.

    A lot of the Berlin Brigade's vehicles were paid for by the Berlin Lande government, and they insisted on buying German ones, which is why they used G Wagens and not Range Rovers.
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I recall that, I left Nov 1985.
  7. ... the fact that the Range Rovers were appallingly unreliable, and leaked like a leaky Series III, had much to do with that decision.
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  8. Interesting subject.

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  9. I know this has been posted before but it is very interesting.

    As is this
  10. Yep, I used to sit on Checkpoint Charlie and watch guys with Catering Corps Cap Badges, Fuslier Hackles, AAC Berets.................and all wearing No2 Dress with Int Corps Buttons on :roll: .

    There was no way the Sovs could have sussed them :wink:
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  11. The drivers for the Flag Tours were provided by 62 Tpt & Mov Sqn RCT. The commanders came from a number of units after completing a Berlin Inf Bde course. I went on, one very much as a passenger, with one of my Sqn's commanders.
  13. Range Rovers weren't apallingly unreliable! Going for the Gwagen had nothing to do Range Rover reliability,and everything to do with spares,and a front and rear Diff lock!

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  14. Remember going along the Border with bottle tops in our berets, and watching the two osties rapidly flicking through a book, mind you they also fought over the Binos when we held up a copy of Fiesta :)
  15. I wouldn't take too much notice of ill informed criticism of Range Rovers, it's just the nfashion to knock British Equipment.
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