Brixmis /Bosnia / Kosovo, G Wagen

After twelve months of looking at my mates built for Brixmis in 1988 then sent to Bosnia and Kosovo 230GE BGS G wagen with that Wayne's world , "one day it will be mine" look .
He finally decided to sell a fist full of dollars later its mine .
The plan is to show it a the MV shows.
There are racks in the doors for MP5s and two gun racks mounted in the rear anyone know what weapon will of lived there ?
What equipment would the G have carryed when in service with the German military/police on UN duty's ?
Has anyone got any photos or information regarding G's on UN duty's ?
It all helps to show the G during this part of its service in the correct context ?


Nice G wagon. The rifles in the back would possibly have been H&K G36 rifles, On second thought I think that the germans still had G3's when i was in kosovo (2000)
An armourd version of that type of G-Wagon was used by the ECMM (European Community military monitor) in central Bosnia, 1993.
Thanks for that Cpl_ripper ,
Was it definatly armouerd as this G has all the brackets for riot screens and some wear shows that thay were fitted at some time ?
Again thanks for the info
They had fully armored glass, side panels, and were mine-proof. I don't have any pics might have some video thou. Oh yeah, painted white and crewed by obnoxious mongs.
All teeth arm units of the German Army had G36 by 1997. Support arms had G3 but now that weapon is defunct in the FRG.

German Mps had the G36.
ches-fford said:
did anyone on this site have any dealing with CIVPOL in Kosovo and can you telL me there role ?
UNMIK CIVPOL were deployed under authority of UN Security Council Resolution 1244, which specified as one of the main tasks of the international presence:

Maintaining civil law and order, including establishing local police forces and meanwhile through the deployment of international police personnel to serve in Kosovo;
The original primary tasks were thus (1) the emergency provision of police services and (2) the training, support and development of the locally-recruited Kosovo Police Service (KPS). Task (1) has gradually been superseded by Task (2). More detail from unmikonline website and this unofficial website covering the period 2000-2001:

There may well be ex-UNMIK CIVPOL members of this website who can give more info. There have been excellent police officers seconded from PSNI, for example.

Just in passing, I do not doubt its authenticity at all but I did not see anything like the logo on your G-wagen which features both KFOR and UNMIK.
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