Britvic to produce new grenade?


Around 100,000 cans of Tango are being recalled from sale because of a risk they could burst.

This is due to a naturally-occurring yeast which may cause a build-up of carbon dioxide, manufacturer Britvic said.

This in turn could distort or burst the packaging, although the Tango is not unsafe to drink.

Tango Cherry and Tango Fruit Fling in 330ml cans with best before dates of June and July 2006 are subject to the recall.

Britvic said the recall was a "precautionary measure" following a small number of customer complaints.

A spokesman said: "Once we identified that there was an issue with the cans we recalled them immediately."

Customers are advised not to return the cans to shops. They should call Britvic's consumer care line on 0845 850 5222 for further advice, the company said.
Presumably the advice will be 'don't open it'.

Thanks to Sky News.
They'll recall them, the MOD will buy them on the cheap and we'll be issued them with bag-meals until 2029.
Or better still, as a complete replacement for HE and Willie Pete to show Britain's commitment to progressively phase in non-lethal weapons. After all, according to every human rights lawyer and his dog, none of us can be trusted to employ lethal force in any situation. :evil:

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