Britts go home! Anyone here been to Idaho?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dazzer, Mar 15, 2007.

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    Eldon Anderson (you know, the yank on news at ten who is mate of the pilot who killed cpl Matty Hull and not only said said we were sucking our thumbs in world war II but we couldn't shoot or run straight) mate has got in on the action well... you can click on the link and see for yourself.

    Has anyone been to Idaho? Or want to go there?

    I don't.

    Butch Morrison, learn to spell you thick cnut!
  2. Hey if he wants us to leave full control of Iraq under the U.S. millitary fine by me. im quite curious as to how well they would do in the south.
  3. Having read some of the other quotes and posts, I don't have a drama with going to Idaho.

    "I felt personally embarrassed as a citizen of Boise and of the United States of those comments," Shealy told CBS 2 Eyewitness News. "To come up with inflammatory, ignorant, and malignant comments that serve only to make people on both sides angry at each other serves no purpose."

    And Morrison's rather silly sign looks like it may have been aimed at the British press that were camping out in Boise at the time.

    There's d1ckheads in every country and every town.
  4. Probably as well as they're doing in the north.
  5. I have been to Idaho but didn't like it so left for the comparative normality of Montana.

    Where at least two's company and three's a militia.
  7. They do have a damm fine potato museum near pocatello idaho where they give you free hash browns if you're not from idaho
  8. Tempting but I'll pass.

    People from Idaho obviously know something.
  10. But then they move to Idaho.
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