Brittany Murphy Poses for US Troops

Hollywood beauty Brittany Murphy agreed to pose for a sexy photo shoot for American men's magazine Maxim after the editor promised to send 40,000 copies bearing a personal message from the 8 Mile actress to US troops stationed in war-torn Iraq. Murphy sent her cousin who is serving in the Marines a special photo shoot , and she's delighted to be doing her bit to raise the spirits of soldiers serving thousands of miles away from their loved ones. She says, "Taking that picture was the least that I could possibly do."
Well, she is from Georgia...[cue Yanks piping up, "I'm from Georgia!"]

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AndyPipkin said:
Wot, don't you get 'Popbitch'?
Good call! Popbitch is for winners. I recommend that everybody subscribes You get a text-based email every Thursday and it's bloody hilarious.


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