Britsh Gas threaten legal action

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabby, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. So....
    1. I receive an electricity bill

    2. I pay electricity bill

    3. I receive a red letter - assume payment not quite cleared - give it a couple of days

    4. Receive 2nd red letter - ring them up - they receieved my payment, put it on the wrong account (as it took them 4 months to transfer over account details)

    5. On phone sort out that they then refunded the original account owner and I MUST pay the bill again - as apparently that's my fault. Argue them over to the fact that they do not continue pursuing me for money and I send them proof of payment.

    6. I receive a letter threatening legal action unless I pay up immediately - the amount is equal to over 1/3 of my monthly income.

    It's a bank holiday - they're gonna get it over the phone tomorrow :evil:

    Any arrseroom lawyers out there suggest ways forward?
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  3. Find out the name of the Chief Executive (Phil Bentley)(check the spelling) and send E Mail to him Go on and get details of other senior execs to mail if you do not get a response from his office. Does the trick with most large companies. Most employ teams to deal with complaints made to chief exec. Otherwise go to the regulators Ofgem?.
  4. Thanks, obviously missed the creation of that little gem
  5. Sixty

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    Can you get a bank statement online? Could always forward that as an email attachment to their customer relations/complaints depatment.

    Oh, and mention 'stress' and 'inconvenience'. Might see you alright for an ex-gratia payment too!
  6. British Gas is a wholly unacceptable face of capitalism and is a disgrace in all respects.

    Contact: energywatch on 06459 06 07 08 and INSIST that you speak to a supervisor.

    You could let them take legal action and have a laugh as they have the case thrown out and have to pay costs.

    What Parliamentary Constituency do you live in? Get the MP involved pronto.

    Were you speaking to a call-centre outside the UK? If so they follow printed responses and revert to 'tough, we shall sue' lines when they are stumped.
  7. If you have access or know someone who has, to a company credit check software, or an accoount with companies house information. You can look up the company, search for directors, and this will list said directors and their home address, usually stirs things up a bit :twisted:
  8. Have proof of payment ? yes?.

    Dear British Gas.
    See you in court , I am sure the judicial system will see the poor accounting practice that you follow and the fact that you are now harrassing me for monies that I do not owe.
    cc ;Watchdog, Ombudsman, all national press news desks, etc etc

    something along those lines sent by a disabled ex serviceman when threatened by a finance company. Oh and address it to the company secretary by Royal mail signed for service, and request that all furthur corrospondance be in writing. I know I did. Letter by return all sorted.

    Best of luck
  9. Telephone Number for Centrica: 01753 494000

    Chief Executive: Sam Laidlaw.

    Demand to be put through to his office.

    Good luck.

    Let us know what happens.

    Daily Mail is normally quite good at 'sorting' this type of b*llocks. You know the background: poor squaddie, month's pay, etc
  10. Not a squaddie I'm afraid.

    On the otherhand I'm mightly urined off at the way in which big companies feel they can walk all over us.

    Plan of action:

    Ring them tomorrow and explain position again

    At same time send proof of payment with photocopy of their letter and a covering letter. Copies to various people mentioned.

    Thanks for help and good wishes!
  11. Crabby - do not ring them.... you should email them or write to them.. get it all off your chest in a letter that way you don't spend 45 minutes on the phone explaining to some dim shite all about your lil problem only for them not to really care anyway and then decide to put you through to another department.. you are in the right... so write the letter send it recorded and enjoy the sun....
  12. When you made your payment, if by cheque or transfer, did you clearly advise them which account the money was to be credited to?

    It always helps if you pay for a Utility by cheque or transfer, to give information overload: your name, the name of the account, the address to which it applies, the account number; and, in the case of fuel/energy suppliers - whether its for gas or electricity.

    Remember, they get millions of payments a month, some for gas, some for Elec.

    If, as you suggest they've 'received' your payment, but, 'they' gave it (back) to the previous occupant of the premises supplied, then that is 100% their problem.
  13. Paid online. Basically what they've said is that they were in the process of closing the old account when I paid the balance due - so they paid it back to previous account holder - and still wanted to charge me full whack.
    They admitted to this over the phone.
    I moved in on the 1st September - we sent the letter that day detailing account changes and meter readings. I then thought it strange in early/mid febuary when after I received the bill about a day later I had a letter welcoming me to British Gas.
    I made it very very clear that if they expect to change account details over in about 6 weeks (as quoted on phone) that 4 months is totally unacceptable. I was told then that British Gas would sort it and not send me more letters demanding payment.
  14. Crabby

    Don't waste you money phoning a call centre
    go to
    then the "make a complaint" page & fill in the details there
    and ask for compensation for their ballsup
  15. I can safely say that you wont have much luck phoning any of their call centres about this one. I used to work in a British Gas call centre and I actually had to leave because I was getting annoyed at just how incompetent they are at dealing with things just like this. The problem is the whole system is automated now and the person you are talking to on the phone really has no power to do anything about your situation.

    British Gas bought a database system off the shelf to handle customer accounts. The person you speak to on the other end of the phone can not stop any reminder letters being sent out to you or anything like that as it's all automated. It's absolutely ridiculous I agree but the only choice you have is to pay the bill like they say or put up with their reminder letters, which will effect your credit rating if you go far enough down the debt path.

    It's privatisation what done it I tell you! :wink: