Britsh Army!?!?!?!?!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Frank_T_Tank, Aug 9, 2005.

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  1. Ok Peeps, not wanting an ear bashing but why do you in the UK/British/English army keep saying your the force in the world. I could name at least half a dozen better than yourselfs, you have a couple of descent regiments, and thats it.

    Please explain
  2. Well Frank, for a're a cnut.
  3. Go away troll.
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Couldn't have put it better myself.

  5. The British Army are without question the finest soldiers. They are the standard all others aim to and Sandhurst is were the rest of the world comes to train their armies.
  6. Come on, it was a serious question, I am interested
    Whats a troll??
  7. Ditto
  8. 1, You are not American
    2, It should be you're not your, decent not descent and yourselves not yourselfs
    3, F*ck off Chav c*nt
  9. What? You mean para reg?

  10. :D para? :D
  11. Copy and paste alert!!!!!!

    say something original Toshiba
  12. No I do not think we are the best in the world, that would be too uppity of us to say so. Only Armies like the French and US imagine "visions of grandeur" and trends like that. We are also not the best-equipped army either, but what makes us a cut above the rest is our ability to get a job done with as least hassle as possible. We have determination, physical strength, robustness, character, teamwork and individually to name just a few.

    You my friend are a stupid little cnut for asking such a bone question, TROLL.

    Whatever school taught you English is sh1t, I would ask for my money back.
  13. OK, I'll bite.
    Who? and please justify your statements.

    You'd better prepare your defenses though.