"Brits vital to moon shot" - Nixon

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BoomShackerLacker, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. I knew it! With the anniversary coming up on the 16th it is nice to see our contribution recalled.

  2. Neil Armstrong... descended from Border Reivers!
  3. Didn't know that... interesting as I'm in the Borders currently.

    Border Reivers giving us the word 'bereaved', as in, 'to be reived'.

    Watching the anniversary of the moon landing it is bringing back shaky memories of watching these events in b&w as a five year-old. I recall it was something significant and interesting and thereafter being covered in NASA stickers and recovering the capsule from the bath with my Coast Guard helicopter. What have today's generation got to be amazed at anymore? Hmmm, eh?
  4. I was 10 at the time. I remember my parents waking me at 2 in the morning to watch the first moon landing and also had the Airfix Sea King with '66' on the side. I'm still a space cadet in more ways than one. The trivia surrounding the moon landings, still fascinates me.

    The Werner Von Braun connection was all very dodgy.
  5. Rocket was a bit bigger than a WAAC Corporal then, 70 miles range at a push
  6. I think the average digital watch has more computing power than the lunar module. Don't think I was up for the landing live but I do remember watching Concorde's maiden flight.
  7. I remember having the Matchbox Command Module and Lunar landing toy. Wonderful time to be a child. Apparantly Fireball XL% is being released as a DVD commemorative Box set!
  8. And blackmail

    As an asides, much of Britain's pioneering space work was done at Spadeadam up there, much of the Bluestreak testing was there. The test stand structures are still there.
  9. I believe there were quite a few Brits in Mission Control at the time [Anorak mode off]

    What about the Moon landing conspiracy theories? Does anyone subscribe to them?
  10. Soviets monitored the telemetery, if it had been faked, they would have been all over it like a tramp on chips.
  11. Rub it in why don't you!

    You'll be telling us your home had central heating next... :(

  12. Yeah, AND a Johnny Seven although they were a fair bit earlier... 'kin show off!!!

    I remember watching the landing at 10 years old. I was allowed to hang about until it was done. Very bad filming and I can imagine how many adults thought it impossible/bollox back then.

    The comments about the computer abilities makes you realise just how daft, brave, and/or nutty the astronauts were to go up the in the first place. Same for the Ruskie ones who probably had a lot less to communicate with knowing them.

    I suspoect they had a bike chain incorporated in the "craft" somewhere....
  13. Read up on the escape motor. That's the short rocket right at the top that would pull the capsule and the astronauts away to safety if the rest of the rocket went belly up at launch. It's a masterpiece of rubber bands, razor blades and fishing weights attached to cables.

    I can recommend a film called 'The Dish'. At the time of Armstrong's 'one small step', America was pointing away from the moon so a radio telescope in Australia took the picture feed from the moon. We very nearly never saw the pictures.
  14. Not a f'kin chance. If it had been faked then America's competitors would have been throwing out evidence left, right and centre. They went to the moon.

    What a fantastic time that was to be alive. I was seven and dragged out of bed to see it. The excitement was incredible. Nowadays it seems as if only disasters get that sort of interest.
  15. My Dad woke my two brothers and me up to see the landing. He was right when he said 'This is history in the making'. Thirteen at the time and have been watching all the programmes again.

    The Right Stuff!!