Brits suffer four times as many casualties as Americans.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. Afghanistan: British suffer four times as many casualties as Americans
    British forces have suffered four times as many fatalities in Afghanistan in the past seven weeks as our American allies.

    By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent, and Jon Swaine
    Last Updated: 6:22PM GMT 21 Dec 2008

    Admiral Mike Mullen, the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, confirmed that the US will increase its troop strength in Afghanistan Photo: EPA
    Despite contributing just over 8,000 troops to the total foreign force of more than 50,000 in the country, the British have suffered 13 dead since November 1. The US has lost three soldiers from its deployment of 31,000.
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  2. Errrm cos the U.S are in sunny ole Kandahar??? and not in HELL mand???
  3. It points out in the article that the South is more hairy than the East.

    Getting a bit tired of all this "America this, Britain that" reporting.

    We are not in competition with the spams.
  4. It's also true to say that the mortality figures were reversed when the US had Helmand and they were taking the lion's share of casualties and that with their superior air cover and more money to throw at the problem.
    As Choccy so rightly says, this is not a game or a competition and soldiers' lives are far too precious to view things that way.
  5. This seems to imply that the US are not involved in any 'hairy' area. That is patently rubbish. Whilst Helmand is the most difficult area this does not mean that the rest are slipper city.

    We should be looking at the American equipment, tactics and procedures to see what they are doing right and how we can adapt it to our own areas.

    Is it time to recognise that the USA might now be the better COIN fighting military?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    That's been obvious for a long time now.

    The trouble is that for all our manoeuvrist doctrine, quantity has a quality all of its own*.

    *(c) J. Stalin
  7. I think we should also assume that Terry is doing his seasonal up the ante before going onto winter scales. Also if I were an al Qa'eda leader I would be putting increased pressure on UK forces in AFG, at a time when the draw down in IQ is becoming a political/morale issue.
  8. I worked alot with the Americans in Helmand 2006, they even run the base at Tombstone. They are pulling there weight, and to suggest otherwise is mad (other country need the slating).
  9. I don't think that the inference was that US were not pulling their weight more that there was a difference in tactics, firepower, manpower and scale between the two areas and the two allies. Green Slime makes some very pertinent points in his post but, if there is any truth to his conjecture, why are we not holding symposia after symposia and organising tactical exchanges with our allies so that we can share experience and knowledge? If the UK is to reduce it’s losses then we should be looking at every means possible to reduce the loss of life and the injury rate.
  10. Mark in Time

    If I was a cynical individual then I might say it was institutional arrogance. The thought that partly either side think they are the best and have little to learn, and the loss of face that they might be wrong.

    Thankfully I am not cynical at all and suggest that this does happen, but it can take time to draw through, in particular with the 6 month rotational cycle and FORM, which does not exactly encourage flexibility within training.

    One of the main issues we as Brits face is that we have no idea what our strategy and vision is. Surviving your tour and 'getting some' does not really count, although are noble in the best conventions of soldiery.

    The US set long, medium and short term plans for areas then resource them properly, either with suppression forces or CIMIC heavy, dependent on their strategy. We appear to try to do a bit of both every 6 months.
  11. Indeed. Isn't Nuristan, for example, as crunchy as a bag of roast crabs? A work colleague just got back from filming a US outpost there, where they had to fend off a mass assault. Didn't make the news; apparently it rarely does.

    Agreed, and agreed.
  12. Look I didnt really wanna post this as many will disagree and you know we all do and have done our own lil bit but am getting a little tired of the U.S blowing their star spangled trumpet I mean jesus even the yanks have had enough of hearing about themselves in the news its got that bad.
    Stop bein a bunch of self absorbed self righteous up your own rectum bunch of hypochritical w@nkers, you know damn well ... well you would if you gave a damn about any other country than your own that (the so called war that you lot call terror) is nothing new its age old and was part subsidised by pompous u.s businessmen when it was the IRA and only became uncool when 1000's of arogant greedy moneymaking gamblers got rammed by a dumb raghead in a 747. You need to understand and be aware that this is not the united globe of america and we ALL have our part to play and just because you arrse raped iraq for its oil and the whole shebang became "your war" just like WW2 and that war of "indipendance" became (your struggle) News flash IT AINT ALL ABOUT YOU!!! were a small and modest nation and will probably always be so, but at least we have something you faceless people will never have and that is Britishness and although our army and our queen treats us like cnuts I would rather die a grey man and take no recognition than thinking that my nation is the be all end all and the cure for everything that was ever wrong about humanity.
    (I still have a ton of mates in the U.S but i could sometimes slap them scatty) .... waits for the hate post to begin... :roll:
  13. Well if pull2eject doesn't deserve an O2 tag for that utterly irrelevant and quite possibly deranged rant, I'm not sure what does!
  14. I don't know what to make of this article.

    I don't readinto it what most on here have, that the yanks aren't pulling their weight - the author stating several times that US forces are to increase dramatically seems to say the opposite.

    It does wave the finger at our European allies for not being equal partners, and quite rightly too, but I don't understand where it is going with the emphasis on our casualties. I thought initially that it might be a subtle dig at our government but that could be my inbuilt bias against this paper.
  15. Rant? its an opinion and thats what threads are for, nobody should feel they cannot do the same about myself or my country.
    This isnt about me its about counties putting themselves before their duty and i just find it a drag when everything gets hijacked for whatever motives. If we didnt have eachother as allies we would either be very well off or up sh1t creek, and yes i'm angry at recent sugestions that the u.k have faltered on iraq and now stan.... its not right some people are too scared to air thier views.