Brits shot in France?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. I was almost tempted to use the gag I've wheeled out to French colleagues about revenge for the Tour de France. However, this is too fcuking grizzly for jokes. And I quote: He said a four-year-old girl was discovered hidden under the bodies around midnight (22:00 GMT). She is thought to have kept still for up to eight hours.
  2. I was in that part of the world three weeks ago, its not some thing I would ever think would happen there, the reason could be anyone's guess.
  3. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I usually stay away from these threads, but would speculate the occupants of the car and the dead cyclist chanced upon an incident in progress.

    Yes, it is a beautiful area.
  4. To be honest I don't hold out much hope for the people who have done this being caught. The French don't seem to be that energetic in catching anyone when it is Brits that get murdered in France.
  5. They might have to...the circumstances are so strange and warped, there will probably be international media crawling over this for a few days demanding information. A lassais faire attitude to the investigation won't cut it, at least not initially
  6. From the BBC report
    Makes it sound almost like an execution from one of the more lurid gangster films.
  7. re-stilly, you'e wrong on the French attitude to this.

    It was the lead story on national radio last night, random stuff like this is very very rare - apart from around e.g. Marseilles.

    alot more here, although it's in French.

    Tuerie de Chevaline | Une fillette découverte vivante au milieu des cadavres

    The cyclist who found the bodies was overtaken on the climb leading to the parking by another cyclist. On arriving there, he found him dead on the ground, shot alongside the car. Very narrow escape.

    Trois morts dans la voiture, un autre à proximité

    La plus âgée des fillettes (6-8 ans), avait été retrouvée très gravement blessée près du véhicule, par un cycliste qui avait donné l'alerte à 16 heures.
    Pour l'heure, les enquêteurs ne disposent que de peu d'éléments sur les circonstances de ce quadruple meurtre, un cycliste ayant été retrouvé décédé juste à côté du break BMW. Celui-ci a été formellement identifié. Il s’agit d’un Haut-Savoyard, habitant à quelques kilomètres des lieux, venu rouler sur cette petite route forestière tranquille. Il s’est probablement trouvé au mauvais endroit, au mauvais moment.
    Le principal témoin, qui a découvert la macabre scène, a expliqué s'être fait doubler par un autre cycliste dans la montée qui mène jusqu'au parking où les tirs ont eu lieu. En arrivant sur place, il a trouvé l'homme au sol. Tué par balle, près d'une voiture.
    Dans le véhicule, un homme et deux femmes, également tués par balle. De l'autre côté, une enfant encore vivante qu'il a placé en position latérale de sécurité jusqu'à l'arrivée des secours, qui l'ont évacuée vers l'hôpital de Grenoble. Elle avait été très violemment frappée.
    Les deux enfants ont été placés sous l'étroite protection de la gendarmerie, toutes les hypothèses restant ouvertes sur l'origine de cette tuerie.
  8. Exactly what the French Plod who was interviewed on the BBC said: that you normally only see things like this in a movie, not real life.

    The kid who was shot is in a critical but stable condition. The bairn discovered under the bodies is physically unharmed but obviously traumatized.

    As for the French plod not pulling out all the stops in this investigation, even if they were so unprofessional, I doubt they have any choice in the matter. There is so far no indication that the victims were targeted by someone who knew them. It's only a few months ago that an Islamic terrorist was brassing up schoolkids while filming his own personal Snuff movie. This could be round two...
  9. Few days? Headline story on the news wires down here in New Zealand this morning. I'd hazard a guess it's fairly global by now if we were hearing about it 14 hours ago.
  10. Poor girl. Just heard about - must've been a hellish experience.
  11. An unusually dreadful incident for this particular part of France as far as I can tell. A witness reported seeing a car driving away at high speed from the area. It strikes me as extremely excessive for a mere robbery. I would speculate that whoever did this knew what they were doing, had no qualms about shooting women and children, and left their brass behind (which either indicates a hasty departure or confidence).

    Would the Gendarmerie or the Police Nationale have primacy in the investigation?
  12. Arabs? Albanians, or some other eastern European types? The ruthlessness might suggest somebody along those lines; from the little I know of that part of France, they're not thick on the ground there, but Lyon is not that far away. What a horrible business.
  13. specialists sent are fm IRCGN on Paris (Institut de Recherche Criminelle de la Gendamerie Nationale). We don't see police around here much, only Gendarmes.
  14. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    It doesn't appear to have been said whether the older injured girl found outside the car was a family member trying to escape or a third party.

    (Horrible situation; not sure why it's touched my rubber-necking nerve.)