Brits Serving Uncle Sam

Discussion in 'US' started by Adjutant, May 2, 2009.

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  1. The Adjt is currently on fairly large scale CPX with Uncle Sam in Germany... So far I have come across three former British Citizens just on this exercise, ranging from a Full Bird Colonel, a Captain and a Staff Sergeant serving Uncle Sam. While the latter was born in Germany to a British mother, the two officers were born in the UK.

    The Captain is a full on Manc who went to the US on a 'Soccer' scholarship and has no trace of an American accent whatsoever. So the question is this - how many ARRSErs out there are/were Brits working for Uncle Sam? Has anyone left the British Ranks and 'transferred'?

    Anecdotes welcome!

  2. I did a training jump near Tuzla with a yank airborne unit, the 'jumpmaster' was a Jock SNCO who'd moved to the States as a young lad with his parents, then subsequently joined the US Army.

    Still had the full-on Jock accent, not sure what he thought of us as he'd never served in the Brit Army I think he was a bit wary of being stitched up somehow?!! Top bloke though :wink:
  3. Rick Rescorla. Have a look on Google.
  4. dont know anybody whos served with the yanks, but was watching a programme about the apache when they introduced a guy who was responsible for bombing them up. he started speaking i was quite shoocked to find he was from birtain.

    crazy stuff.
  5. I was working with 82nd Airborne a few years ago and whilst prepping for a brigade night drop I got talking to one of their riggers who was prepping my vehicle. Broad scouser, ex - loggie who'd always wanted to be airborne but had failed P Coy due to injury. Fast forward a couple years and he'd met and married an American girl, got his US passport and immediately joined up. Sailed through 82nd's jump training, got qualified and the rest is history.
    He said that he absolutely loved it and although the pay was comparably lower than the British army, the opportunities for 'kicking ass' around the world were a lot greater, with money being no object. Bear in mind this was early 90's.
  6. I remember watching GW1 on the North East news there was an interview with a female USMC type (who also had a baby) who was from, and still visited. Co. Durham.
  7. I'd be shoocked too - where the frigg is Birtain then ? Is it some septic Island off the coast of the USA :?
  8. Wiki: Rick Rescorla

  9. British citizens have always served in the American armed forces. First time was 1775 :D
  10. Correct, George Washington was a British citizen and a vile traitor. May he rot in a particularly hot corner of hell where demons constantly say "have a nice day now."
  11. Says you! You jumped ship with the sausage eaters! 8O
  12. It's called occupation actually, this small remnant of the once mighty Rhine Army kept my German wife occupied last night, with blow jobbery and other diversionary tactics.

    That will keep her filthy hands off Poland for a while!
  13. I think that Washington bore the titlte of "traitor" to the Crown quite proudly.

    Remember that one person's definition of "vile" is another person's definition of "Father of our Country".
  14. So, what you're saying is that the Father of your Country was actually a vile traitor. Does that mean..............? :)
  15. Being a traitor to King George was considered a virtue in many circles.