I heard on the news this morning that they are planning to put Brits on the moon. Apart from being a complete waste of money (that we supposedly don't have), who would you like to see shot into space?



you got a link to that story?

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Is this to make way for the Bulgarians/Romanians?..what a good idea.


Why would we want to send a probe to the moon when the Americans plan to send men back. They brought enough rock form the Apollo missions, what do we plan to discover that isn't already known?

I can see the scene now

"Geting towards the end of finacial year lads, we had better think of ways to spend the rest of the budget, any ideas?

Why dont we spen a massive amout of money sending a really expensive probe to a rock in space...."
Well the reason we didn't go to the moon is because there is a distinct lack of olympic quality athletes and bar trained staff there, not to mention the complete ballsache of mining the natural resources there! Just couldn't be arrsed to be fair!
Fraid I've got to take the opposing line on this one fellas. To me it's disgusting that we have one had one british astronaut who flew as a guest on a gimmick flight from the Russians, the other three British born astronauts had to become naturalised US citizens to fly. We are alone amoungst the major industrialised nations not to contribute towards manned flight. Personnally I would rather see a Brit up there and being proclaimed a hero rather than the hero-worship of a troop of baboon like non-discripts kicking a ball about.

There's plenty to find out up there, we've hardly scratched at it. We won't find out how to live and work up there without actually going and doing it. The two proposed unmanned probes are over the space of the next 10 years, hardly a massive funding effort on our part and again will only look at a few points.
Hoodies and their master, Cameron the Cack...


You mean that "Space 1999" wasn't a documentary?? Great tv, full of Brits in space.

But seriously I think it will be a good idea. For those who say it is too expensive just remember that the entire Apollo programme cost less than one years spending on the Vietnam War when it was in full flow. In 100 years time what will be considered more important?


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I remember being told, on a school museum visit- so it must be true, that for every dollar the US invested in NASA, they got $10 back. Plus a huge lead in aerospace engineering, computers and non- stick frying pans.
If we stopped paying scroungers to watch sky TV for a year we could easily afford it.


The pay off in getting kids intrested in science alone would be worth it.
Suggestion of any reality show celeb being sent on first mission .We can econmise by making it a one way trip ?Should pay for it self if we sell the right to their final breaths on pay per view.
I thinks its a good idea, as has been said we did not contriibute to the last effort.
After all, there are plans to go there now because we only now have the technology. The last effort was in a TV studio dont you know :lol:
Seriously though, yes money could be spent elsewhere, but so could the MP's wages. IF the spending is controlled and well thought out then Im sure it would benefit the great unwashed in some way. Like has been said, better interest from the yoof of today.

Go to moon.
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Best place to put Brits if you ask me. That way when Bliar, monkey boy and their respective coteries of clingers on and klinkers have finished wiping out mankind, the brits can come back and be the next evolutionary step.

Think about it. We'd have no other stupid languages that can only be understood if shouted slowly, no stupid currencies that are worthless, no EU homogeny of cretinous peoples to worry about, and no stupid sceptics!

Just a group of jolly English chaps, playing cricket in the fields using the skulls of the losers as a ball and the shin bones as bats. Wonderful thought.

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