"Brits made Helmand worse"

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Randy McStabb, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. ****ing journo scum trying to flog a chip wrapper. Don't waste your time
  2. Well I left it in a worse state anyway.

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  3. I must say that is a natty looking Talib in the picture though, real poster boy!
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  4. If you want to make a place better, maybe don't drop bombs on it.
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  5. Didn't work in Coventry.....not enough bombs.
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  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Unless you are Germans or Japanese? And the Vietnamese seem to be doing pretty well, considering a lot of their countryside is still full of holes.

    Perhaps, if you want to make a place better, remove the entire indigenous population and replace it with people who actually have a genuine work ethic, and who feel a duty to make the place better and improve things for themselves and their children, rather than preferring to have things exactly as they were in the 7th C - with the addition of explosives and mobile 'phones.
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  7. I was being facetious rather than satirical, but I agree.

    Also, making things better was never the aim in Helmand. It may have formed part of the strategy, but the aim was to oust the Taliban.
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  8. And fcuk me ragged.

    We've achieved neither.
  9. So off the researchers go and talk to 53 Taliban Commanders and come back with a report on how the Taliban did great and the Coalition made things worse, hardly a surprising conclusion really !!

    In one paragraph the report states that because the Taliban were taking extensive casualty's during firefights against British Forces it's Britain's FAULT that they left, went to Pakistan, and brought back MORE forces. I would put that decision down to `Tactical Planning` and having smarts.

    Basically, if the indigenous population do not want help to improve living conditions no amount of force level will help.
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  10. But. . but . .we built them a Ferris Wheel at Lash!
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  11. "Brits made Helmand worse".... What did we do that was so bad?

    It's not as if we introduced congestion charges at the bazaar or astronomical mortgage rates on mud huts or banned smoking from the Taliban working mans club or charged the locals £3.90 for a pint. From where I'm sat I think Helmand got off bloody lightly.
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  12. Seventh century? I doubt the place has evolved socially since the C4th BC when The Macedonians dropped in.
  13. Hold on, there was a strategy. Who knew?
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