Brits in US forces

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by soldierandy, Jan 22, 2005.

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  1. As Brits are moving overseas to the colonies more and more, we find some of our ex-pats in foreign forces. I was watching a History channel programme on Apaches and there was this pilot of the 101st talking with the most cockney of cockney accents. Myself I have a half-brother serving in the USMC.

    Have our Yank cousins met englishmen serving alongside them or do you have relatives in the US forces? We had once upon a time a guy in Depot Para that was originally from the States. It is just weird seeing a chap with a maroon beret coming out with New Jersey-ese when you expect thick Glaswegian or Geordie gobbledigook.
  2. Sorry but i dont actually know any brits in the US forces, but have read a book (called the cage) by tom abraham, who cam from england and moved to te US when he was a teenager. He was then drafted to nam and served a 3yr service as an Lt in the infantry. He was captured and kept in a cage by the VC for a few days before escaping.

    Quite an interesting read but not a brilliant book
  3. I remember a book knocking about our Battalion in the eaarly 70's called I think "British GI in Viet-Nam" by Tom Some-thing or Other. He was a door gunner (how much fun must that have been? ) and as I recall had been working in the States and volunteered as a way of getting citizen ship or permanent residency or something. Never managed ot get my hands on it long enough to read the whole thing though and I've never seen it since, even on Amazon.
  4. Heres' a website with a bit more about Tom Abraham.

    It gives some details of his book as well which is, unfortunately, not currently available on Amazon.
  5. If memory serves me correctly Rick Rescorla served with US Army in Vietnam, and was at the battle at LZ X Ray which inspired the book 'we were soldiers' and of course the film.
    He orginally was from Cornwall and served in British Army (anyone know which Regt?) in Cyprus 57-60.During his service with the US Army he was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart, and Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He went on to become security manager at Morgan Stanley at the World Trade Center and died on 9/11.
    Quite a man.
  6. Guy in my year at school wanted to be a RAF fighter pilot. They rejected him. Tried for Fleet Air arm and AAC and was similarly unsuccessful. Went to USA and ended up flying F14s with the USN. As far as I know he's still in the Navy.
  7. Conversely, a couple of years ago I met a trainee RAF pilot who was ex-USMC, where he had flown AV8-B. He still had the lavatory brush haircut, and under the lapel of his mess kit jacket he had a USMC badge 'closest to my heart' or some such drivel was what he told anyone who would listen. Anyway, he was a guest at a Mess dinner and his poor alcohol management and post dinner chat-up antics led to him being christened 'The Unguided Missile'. Of course, I knew he was a wrong 'un the moment I spotted the ready-tied bow tie...

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  8. Ready-made bow tie?

    Dear Lord.
  9. During the first gulf war a Female US Marine made the local papers and TV in her home town, Cardiff. She still had a Charlotte Church accent.

    As an aside a lad I went to primary school with (also in Cardiff) wound up in the Carlifornia Highway Patrol. (OK its not the army but its still interesting :oops: )

  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I saw a chap wearing a US half Colonels service dress (or whatever they call it) uniform in a shop in Hong Kong in the mid eighties. He had English accent and I assumed he was some sort of Walt so I engaged him in conversation with a view to taking the piss.

    Turned out that he was from Farnham, Surrey and had emigrated to the US with his parents been called up to go to Vietnam and decided to stay in the Army. He was in Hong Kong in the Defence attaché department of the US Consulate, spoke Madarin, married to a Taiwanese woman and bit of a specialist on things Chinese.