Brits in the USA and Vice Versa......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by redshift, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. Was just wondering how many ex-UK based ARRSErs now live and work in "spectic/ spam/ Yankee" USA-land? I know there a few like roadster, AAGF, Indianadel, effendi etc., but just wanted to see if there were others. For all the sarcastic comments about the "Yankee" land, you guys sure seem to love moving over there - at least quite a lot of them anyways! :)

    Incidentally, my first ever "proper" job after graduation was with a U.S. subsidiary of a UK company and more than 60-70% of the folks working in my dept. were are all Brit expats - helped me learned the lingo a bit. Especially in MI, where there are lots of tech/ automotive companies, there are plenty of Brits and other "foreigners" kicking about.

    They took our jobs! ^_~

    p.s: Ironically, I am an expat now myself here in the U.K., at least for another year before my contract expires! Cheers!:p
  2. I don't.
  3. I tried it for a while, it didn't really work out

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  4. Where/ what/ when? - without giving too many specifics, of course...
  5. Florida, 2001-2003

    It didn't work out as I failed to follow the correct procedure for permanently entering the States

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  6. Was in mid-west USA in 2001 on a legit H1B, came home for a variety of reasons not least 9/11 fucking up the industry I was then working in.

    Not islamic terrorism by the way.
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  7. Thanks but it was my fault entirely.

    'Failed to follow procedure' is a nice way of saying I shagged up.
    Flew over on the VWP and stayed after my 90 days were up.

    If anyone else is thinking of doing that, don't bother.
    A short overstay will get you banned from the US for a couple of years. Anything longer will be an automatic 10 year ban.

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  8. You couldn't swim the Rio Grande?
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  9. Heard of someone on VWP who followed the rules but someone at the airline/US Border agency fucked up with the little green slip.

    The joy is you only find this out when you go back to the US on holiday a year or two later.
  10. I found out when I came back to uk and went to the embassy to try to do it the 'correct' way. I honestly thought I'd get a slapped wrist, probably pay a hefty fine but ultimately it would be ok.
    That was nearly 10 years ago......

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  11. Same for the UK I think so - I (or rather my company, their attorneys) had to fill in a whole bunch of forms/ details, I had to get my biometrics taken at a UK approved center. The whole shebang took about 1-2 months before I got my passport back from the UK consulate in Chicago. Apparently, it cost the company a pretty penny as well...

    ....all went well before I landed in Heathrow to find out they I missed some sort of medical (chest or some shit?) x-ray, so didn't let me through, was pulled aside, was given a quick x-ray at the airport and finally let through. No wonder, I got drunk that night!
  12. From what I can tell, the average wait for getting a visa to live in the states is 18-24 months. Unless you're a celeb of course

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  13. H1B came through in about 6 months I think... green card wheels were rolling while I was there, was supposed to take up to another 12 months including rectal probes and attitude inspection.
  14. It's just as hard here. Automatic 3 year ban from entry if you do the wrong thing. You get sent home via Villawood detention centre.

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  15. That was the only bit I didn't fuck up! I never got deported, I left by my own choice.

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