Brits in Sierra Leone - private pictures and stories

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jul 20, 2005.

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  1. A private collection of us Brits out in Sierra Leone during OP SILKMAN, the follow on OP after Spearhead left theatre.

    More to come if people are interested

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  2. Some top shots..esp 81mm
  3. Great albums of photo's I'd like to see them all original size.
  4. Any other ideas where I can upload them in their original size? I chose yahoo as they are all together unlike imageshack. Any originals you want just PM me and i'll email them to you.

  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Thanks FNB, I enjoyed that

    ( SLRs - y-a-a-a-ay - a REAL man's weapon :) - at least that's what our GI told us )

    Just curious - were they ex Brit L1A1s or the full auto FN jobby ?

    Lee Shaver
  6. L1A1's courtesy of her maj goatman.
  7. The Herc drop was meant as an exercise for the RAF Regiment para boys. They flew from the Ascension Isles. The Hercs did a fly over of Freetown and the surrounding area before opening their doors. After speaking to some of the locals who saw the flight it scored another point: a show of force. It was reported (B3) that some of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) bad boys who were loitering in Freetown before OP NO UNDERSTANDING decided not to take part in the attacks against government postions and istead feld to the south coast area of Sierra Leone where they were caught by the Civil Defence Force (CDF) and Grassroots Society members and shot.


    OP NO UNDERSTANDING was a last ditch attempt by the RUF to attack government positions in Sierra Leone - and anyone who supported them (UN, UK, private firms etc). It didnt happen in the west but did take place in the eastern diamond rich areas. It was executed to try and stop the troops and police encrouching back in to the areas controlled by the rebels. In the end the UN did move in and the RUF carried on their actions in the tri border area to the east - Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. Apparently the RUF took a battering from the Guinea army (think fixed wing, artillery, ambushes). The BDA was inpressive, but dont recall ever seeing that reported on Sky news........
  8. This little fella is Commander Snake of the CDF. He was in command of the central region around Mile 91 and Makeni. Bumped in to him one day during a quick visit to some refugee camps with the Padre and the CIMIC guys... We asked him how do you become a Kamajor warrior (Spelt that wrong, phonetically corect!), a respected fighter in the CDF. Ritual black magic, witch doctors etc are all a way of life out there still. Apparently one of the initiation methods is for a wanna be warrior to be buried alive for a few minutes. If he survives he is worthy, if not... he's dead.

    The badges all over him are good luck charms. The Kamajors would also go in to battle wearing mirrors that were blessed by the tribal witch doctor to reflect the enemy bullets. They did reflect them, but they didnt stop them penertrating the warriors......... Thing is, they all believed they did and made them formidable fighters.

    I thought it best not to ask where he got the rifle from.

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  9. quality photos , while your on about african ops , anyone out there served in angola ? small un mission @10 yrs ago , if anyone has any photos pm me please!
  10. Thoroughly enjoyed them! Thank you very much...

    Would be very nice if we can make a website with personal op photos :)
  11. good idea radical , im up for that!
  12. Lovely! If there are enough interested people, I'd be more than just happy to fund the project. :)
  13. What I can't understand is why did we give Sierra Leone all those SLRs, surely we would of been better giving them our SA80's and keeping hold of the good rifles!
  14. I met this dude when I was put there in 2001. I'll never forget those Sunday's on "Bounty Beach".........
  15. Never been there, but have been married to a Freetown woman for 8 years, crazy, backward culture...