Brits IED Vid IRAQ

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bad_Crow, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. If anyone could understand what you are trying to say Bad_Crow then just maybe someone would agree, I think you need to rephrase what you have written in order to make any sense, or maybe it is just me!
  2. No, its not just you.......
  3. Interesting use of the English lanuage. I've never read a sentance which has made so little sense.
  4. Fair do's! This call sign has just read what he typed and beasted himself accordingly.

    My Version of events is.

    PATROL Drives along the "M25"
    Lead Vehicle Spots The VBIED as a threat Before detination
    Rear Vehicle Braces up swerves left slightly and briefs the lads to prepare for a "Kamakaze"
    Lads immediatley take the fight to the enemy!

  5. this was a security contractors vehicle. multinational team, 2 brits one aussie and one french if memory serves. it was claimed to have occurred in mosul. drills were excellent...there are longer versions of this on the net. watch it all. ive seen this vid used as part of a training package for 2MI Bn without the ogrish subtitle.
  6. where are the longer versions?
  7. Yeah i'd like to see the longer version too. I found it whilst digging up material on the net for a Pre-tour briefing for some of our lads deploying next year!
  8. somewhere. ill have a look. ive also seen this posted somewhere else obscure, by one of the alleged occupants. but the music he overlaid on the full length version is rather gay.

    wait out. i will have a look.
  9. badcrow check pm
  10. That is Muchos Better Bad_Crow, apologies for the pickiness of my post, but I really did not comprende first time around... Thanks, looks like they did very well, they must have had faith in their vehicles' armour to withstand a VBIED! I remember going out to an RUC Base in NI I think NewtonHamilton to isolate the mortar base plate, a parked snatch inside the barracks had over 50kg of ANS detonate by the front left wheel, the vehicle looked totally trashed but nothing at all had penetrated the inside, we had a lot of faith in those top heavy things after that!!!
  11. No worries Gundulph. It was utter drivel. As are most of the words that leave my mouth. Them Snatches are good bits of kit. I still owe one a favour for keeping my best drinking buddy in one piece. Think I will give it an oil change and a new paint job if I ever see it again!
  12. Do we have a URL for the long version?
  13. If anybody has this longer version or any similar ones (preferably british) then let us know or post em.
  14. on its way...with a few more too. i have to upload a copy to a fileserver as dont store it anymore, or i cant find it anyway.

    it should be uploaded shortly.ODH