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Brits Forces in Thailand 1960s ?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jonwilly, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. Gents on one of the Thailand forums a thread has been started and in it is claimed that Brit forces where deployed to Thailand in the 60's.
    I know that the Royal Engineers where deployed to build airfields and attendant facilities, served with some years later and from a Signals guy I know there was an Intercept unit.
    Both where part of SEATO.
    A Hawker Hunter Flt of 6-10 aircraft was stationed in Chiang Mai for some months when trouble was expected from Laos.

    Two Post from the thread are below.

    "british and australian troops had an R&R camp on pattaya beach in 1963!! no bars no hotels only a dirt road the first bar and brothel opened in april 1964, it wasn't until 1966 that US troops passing through plucked up the courage to stop, this was yonks before the vietnam debacle kicked off I have attached a couple of piccies of pattaya beach 63 and 64"

    "Not Army, Air Force. 1962, operation Bibber. To defend Thailand against incursions from Vietnam and Laos. Guns bombs and everything. British combat forces on the ground in Thailand. It was not the original operation Bibber which was the occupation of Bangkok in 1945. That was operation bibber too."

    Does anyone have any serious comment on any of the above ?
    I have been unable to reproduce the photos, one seems to show a Bedford RL of that era.

  2. Part of the thread about the Airfield construction (Operation CRE Crown) and the R&Rcamp in Pattaya were my handiwork ,so any of you ex54 or59 squadron survivors back me up, the reason there is a bedford on the beach at pattaya is, it was permanently based in BKK to transport personel and compo rations on R&R from Don Muang Airport to Pattaya beach :)in the sutlers thread I mentioned ali,s noggyshop, here is a piccy too

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  3. Which RE Airfield Sqn was in El Adem in 1969? my friends dad was there when I was, but I cant remember the number
  4. Have they discovered a lost tribe of scouse ladyboys?
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    tropper - are you finally trying to tell us that there is something that you don't know? FFS the world must be coming to an end :twisted:
  6. Nignoy
    As the Old Hand, do you know if it was just RE and Signals who where deployed.
    From your post you seem to have been involved in the airfield construction.
    When I was in BATUS back in 82, one of the Sappers had been up in Issan on airfield construction duties.
    As you have read the original thread you will know that I am adamant the Brit Ground Combat Forces where never deployed post 45.
    I can check next week at our curry lunch, with my friend, 90 year old ex R.E. Major psc, on any other deployments.
    He was the ground liaison for the Hunter deployment at C.M. in early 60's.
    He first came to Thailand in 45 to lock up jap, repair bridges and then moved by road down to Malaya.
  7. I have a vast collection of military history books for reference, but my memory is getting crappy with old age, PTSD,Alcohol,Bangs on the head ect
  8. Thanks Driver excellent site which I have forwarded to my Old Sapper, he will be chuffed to bits with a dedicated artical to his Corps.
    I have had a PM confirming the Signals deployment and I am still adamant that No UK Ground Combat troops where ever deployed post 45-46.