Brits bad tourists?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ghost_us, May 23, 2007.

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    Brits come in second to Americans as the "worst dressed". You mean that Hawaiian shirt I'm so fond of for holiday is considered bad dress?? pfft.
  2. It depends were you go. If it's any of the big resorts in the medditerranean then you will see John Bull's finest at their worst every night of the week.
  3. when I go on holiday, I tend to blend in, I prefer to have a relaxing , cultural, active, fun Holiday, I find it more interesting to see things from the inside perspective and feel no need to draw attention to myself, it is only when I open my mouth it is obvious that I am English.

    there are yobs, every country has one.
  4. Invicta and Semper are both right.
    Over here everybody knows that there are two types of tourist, the normal one, of whom the Brits score well, and the ones down at The Costa. unfortunately it is the Costa ones who create the biggest impression.
  5. Didnt they include the BOXHEADS in this poll? :roll:
  6. I live on a holiday island, and my observation is that most of the British tourists we get down here, behave in a similar manner to you. Unlike most of the North American tourist, the British blend in and interact well with the locals.
    And yes, there are yobs everywhere, but we must not judge the majority of funseekers, by a few who are easily overpowered by the local brew and spirits.