Brits armed with Colt Canada C8 in Afghanistan


Any idea who those very public soldiers are ?

Edited for accuracy: not Colt M4 or HK 416 but Colt Canada C8 (Colt Canada being known as Diemaco until 2005...)
RMP Close Protection its an M4 you can tell they are CP guys becuase of the vest
They could be the RAF Police Tactical Provost Wing, they could be Garmsir airsoft walts.

On a forum like this such a speculative question, could only deserve a speculative answer.
What about those sideburns! ;)
Seeing as there's just the one of him and he's standing next to an american (are those ANA in the background?) I'd hazard a guess that he's attached to the Spams in some capacity and so is using their kit.

Might be wrong though.
Chap_in_black said:
This thread is dealing with the Diemaco (now Colt Canada BTW) which has been in British service for a while with UK SF; the above pictures seem different from the L119A1 SFW used by UK SF and from the C8 used by the PF.
fantassin said:

Any idea who those very public soldiers are ? could they be SFSG ?I wrote M4 but could they be HK 416 ? has the British army considered a purchase of HK 416 at any given time ?
They could be either RMP CP or SF unlikely to be the latter though purely for PERSEC reasons; they are extremely sensitive to 'facials' :oops:
rmp cp surely.

well gay with the under armour top and the gloves

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