Britons richer than americans.....

Outcast_Jimmy said:

Surely we have always been richer than the Spams, if not monetarily but in culture, heritage and in general....thoughts??

I think they are starting to feel the pinch of playing sandcastles for the past few years.

Hopefully the average joe on the street in America will realise this and see that the shaved chimp has in fact fecked them over for no reason whatsoever.

I've seen a 2 week old Yoghurt with more culture than America. ;)
Britain also has the NHS and a (rough and ready) welfare state. Which makes us very much richer than the Yanks. The poor sods have to go grovelling to local churches for food handouts (sometimes being made to sing a hymn before the tweedy ladies will had the stuff over) when a big local employer goes bust, or transfers his factory to China and the measly unemployment stamps run out.

Yankville: 27% of GDP tax-take
Britain: 40% of GDP tax-take

Yankville: limited tax-take (spent on arms)
Britain: European level tax-take (spent on NHS/welfare)

In spite of which Britain is still richer. One in the eye for the tax-cutters eh?
So I earn more than the average septic crack whore, big deal. £235 a year more whoopee! Take into account how much more it costs to live in the UK and how much of that is tax! Look at fuel, housing or, the price of a new car, or the low level of income tax in the states.

These statistics are a smoke screen!
I think this should read that we are taxed more heavily than our American cousins raher than better off.

Furthermore if this is another statistic from Gordon Brown and his cronies then I wouldn't believe that either.
annakey said:
One in the eye for the tax-cutters eh?
The fact we're richer than the Spams doesn't mean we aren't paying too much tax, or that, even if the proportion of income taxed is sensible, it is being spent on sensible Govt goals.

In some ways we've got the worst of both worlds: higher taxes than the Yanks, worse infrastructure than the rest of the (Western/Northern) EU.
maybe I should have said "tear into britain, it's fiscal policy, taxation, and general treatment of it's law abiding citizens?" was just hoping for a bit of yank baiting.....anyone got a taxi number??


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So, we earn more BEFORE tax, petrol, gas, electricity, council tax, parking fines, National Insurance, higher food prices, TV licence fees and road tax.

Well, thank fcuk for that. For one horrible moment, I thought the yanks had it easy!
With the current £:$ ratio, buying stuff whilst in the US is cheap as chips.

Wrangler jeans for £7 & 9mm for £70 a thousand.....

.....I did only bring the jeans back, honest. :p

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