Britons lifted in Afghanistan by SAS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brettarider, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. Heard this on the radio yesterday breifly and had a look on here not sure if it's been posted elsewhere though not a surprise is it but now offically announcing it so where next Belmarsh? Here's hoping they were granted citizenship so they can be stripped of it.
    Britons captured in Afghanistan may have targeted UK troops - Asia, World - The Independent

    Two Britons believed to be of Pakistani origin were being questioned in Helmand last night after being captured by the SAS in a raid in western Afghanistan. It is claimed that the two – a man and a woman – may have arrived in the country to carry out attacks against British targets on behalf of the Taliban.

    The pair were arrested at a hotel in Herat after being tracked by the intelligence services, which had been monitoring the activities of about a dozen British Muslims who had been travelling to Afghanistan with increasing frequency.

    It is believed that the two, who were born in Pakistan and hold dual nationality, may have been temporarily "lost" by those tracking them after recently leaving the UK. They had arrived in Afghanistan via a third country and the decision to activate the Special Forces came after information was received from Afghan officials that they had booked into the Herat hotel.

    The arrests were carried out days before the security control of Lashkar Gah, the Helmand provincial capital and the centre of UK operations in the country, was handed over to the government of Hamid Karzai after being deemed to be one of the safest parts of the country. Herat, too, was "transitioned" to Afghan control yesterday, part of the West's exit strategy from the war.

    Security officials refused to comment on whether the two Britons were involved in planning attacks against British forces in Helmand. There were unverified reports that the Britons had planned to travel to the Afghan capital, Kabul, and also that they had been in contact with Iranian nationals.

    They were flown to Camp Bastion, the huge British base now shared with the Americans, which was built in 2006 after the deployment to Helmand. Officials of the National Directorate of Security said the targets the two may have been considering were specifically British rather than linked to the Afghan government, although they could not provide further details
  2. I guess I was right...Pakistanis as usual...They just never ****ing ever learn....Why the **** did the British government even consider giving these ***** a second chance to breath....they should have just burnt their passport, placed them on the missing people abroad list...let the ANA deal with them through the most harsh methods...tortured them...thrown them into a piss infested prison somewhere isolated in the mountains!

    When will the Pakistanis realise that they should stop meddling in Afghanistan and appriciate the ****ing kindness and hospitality British people give them in the UK!
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  3. Now that they've been "lifted". any chance they can be "dropped" from a great height?
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  4. "Hello Sir, Madam, welcome to the Herat Mudhut Hotel. Have you a reservation?"

    "Yes, Mr & Mrs Smith"

    "Lovely. Are you here on a spot of business or Pleasure?"

    "Business and pleasure. The wife and I fancied a spot of Jihadi and decided Herat would be nice this time of year!"

    "Lovely. You find plenty of our guests are having a Jihadi too. Perhaps you can swap tips over dinner?"

    "Great, if you could just point me to my corner of this shitehole, and I need to freshen up before I attack the infidels!"

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  5. Sorted it for you

    Yes, Mr & Mrs Smith al bradfordistani wal azzam"

    "Lovely. Are you here on a spot of business or Pleasure?"

    "Boys or goats?. The wife and I fancied a spot of Anus sniffing and boy strippers and decided Herat would be nice this time of year!"

    "Lovely. You find plenty of our guests are enjoying dancing boys too. Perhaps you can swap tips over afternoon prayers?"

    "Great, if you could just point me to my corner of this brothel and I need to freshen up before I **** all over those boys and goats!"

    "Allah Hu akber"
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  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Odd that a pair of Pakistanis were in Herat at all - Herat is very very much within the Persian sphere of influence - the Ayatollahs know everything that happens there pretty damn fast. If you were a genuine Pakistani Jihadist then you'd be more likely to go to Quetta (or frankly anywhere else in Pakistan - it's what all the others did/do, after all) for training and support - along with the rest of the Taliban.

    Mind you, if you were some looking for a foreign government other than Pakistan with an axe to grind against the Brits, you could do worse that the Iranians, I suppose.
  7. Herat has always been a Jihadi attraction since the soviet days. the ISI's Col Imam was stationed there when Taliban took over. To some extent Iran does have slight influence, but Jihadis are very influential there. Herat was famous for the uprisings by Mujahideen commanders who opposed female education. My Uncle at the time was stationed there, and they were furious over female education plans by the socialist government at the time, that they even killed girls going to school. All Afghanistan is pretty much the same, whereever you go...Quetta wouldnt be a suitable area for them as Pashtun Nationalists parties are also based there, and they hate Punjabis of Pakistans Punjab, Herat has many people there from all parts of central asia and south east, so its a good place to disguise ones intention.
  8. Chubb get the **** off my thread. Shouldn't you be ******* the sweetcorn out of a tramps arse
  9. Damnitt A_K, I find myself in total agreement with you. Is this a Commie trap ?

    Oh, and I approve of the much improved Signiature photo :)

    Seriously though, any person with 'dual nationality' who acquired their British passprot as their second one should lose that immediately they act against the interests of the British People. That might help a little to stopping those twats like Chakrabatti and the other ooman rites scumbag freeloading parasitical lawyers from getting involved.
  10. What's the possibility they are just your common & garden drug trafficers?

    Maybe the Bradford massive have got tired of the Turks putting their little bit on top, and messing with the merchanise to boot.
  11. I love ****ing pakistani women I can't get enough of it I don't know why maybe its because the whole religion perspective
  12. Maybe they didn't actually do anything wrong and got stitched up?