Britons 'funny but drunken' breed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ozgerbobble, Nov 16, 2004.

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  1. Britons: Blessed with clever humour
    Britons are cleverly humorous, polite, proud and still maintain a stiff upper lip, an international survey has found.
    People in Milan, Mumbai, Chicago, foreign correspondents and a panel in Norfolk found Britons were individual, tolerant and had a sense of history.

    But hooliganism and drunkenness were also seen as part of British culture, when alcohol and sport were involved.

    The survey was carried out by Mori for the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

    The RSA wants to identify British values and characteristics to find criteria for its new Great Britons Awards.

    'Let loose'

    The British are seen by other nations as reserved, the RSA said, but "when alcohol or sporting events, or both, are involved, they let loose and become highly unreserved".

    Every group questioned agreed Britain had a unique brand of comedy - but other traits drew a mixed response

    But the Italians surveyed questioned their dress sense
    Americans in Chicago said British politeness and pride were positive, but others, especially the Milanese, said British politeness was "off-putting" and Britons were reserved, uptight and snobbish.

    The Italians also thought Britons were tied to outdated traditions and customs.

    Individuality, on a personal and political level was also highlighted, but Britain also drew criticism as being too closely aligned to the US.

    Across the world, Britons are seen as multicultural and tolerant, but the Norfolk focus group made distinctions on different minority groups.

    Meanwhile, in the style stakes, Italians scoffed at claims of British panache but the Americans admitted Britons were at least better dressed than them.

    Two focus groups of 8-10 people in each of four places - Chicago, Mumbai, Milan and King's Lynn were questioned for the survey, along with six London-based foreign correspondents.


  2. oh , i'm devestated the italians don't think we dress well.

    seeing as the italian idea of dressing well involves masquerading as a rampant f*cking gaylord.
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  3. Fcuk em I say :wink:

    We're British, quite frankly! :lol:
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  4. Ah yes, the Italians. Stunning girls until they hit 30 then it all goes horribly wrong. Never shag a woman that needs to shave more regularly than you do. And do those Italians know how to dress? Any colour as long as it's black. Anyone who keeps an interested eye on the Serie A will know that hooliganism is not the sole preserve of the Brits.

    They may have shifted away from most of their traditions but they have maintained the only one that counts in the Italian Army and all you require is a stick and a little piece of white rag. Oh and don't forget diving in football and being overly emotional tw*ts.
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  5. King's Lynn??????????????

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  6. Other than the crabs and the gays who in Britain goes around claiming panache? I also take umbridge at the spams claiming to be worse dressers than Brits. Their golfing outfits leave us for dead.
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  7. apprently it in a country called "east angular" :lol:
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  8. bit strange asking people in kings lynn about anything other than fighting and incest :roll: :wink:
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  9. More like farming and incest 8O [rant on] Pointy headed, web footed, banjo playing, muck spreaders. Never see a poor farmer do you? Only have to sell one of their Range Rovers for a bit of extra cash. Who else gets paid for not mowing their lawn for a year???[rant off]
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  10. RTFQ


    Aah, that other British preserve - we get insulted by the italians, but take it out on East Anglia because they're nearer and it takes less effort.

    They are pointy headed fen-dwelling gippos though.
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  11. feck the Italians, lets invade them again.

    This time shoot the women and make the men dress as girls, probably more feminine than those troggs called the female italian race :twisted:
  12. Who cares what Johnny foreigner thinks about us,
    they are foreign for a reason...
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  13. I'd still pork Monica belluci at 51
  14. Maybe attitudes have changed in the 11 years following the post before yours.
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  15. Yes i agree it was some time ago , but the pendulum seems to be swinging back again.