Britons Die In Bombing

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Three Britons have been killed in a bomb blast in Baghdad.

They died as a car bomb exploded at a US-manned checkpoint to the Green Zone.

The zone is the heavily fortified area that houses the US embassy and Iraqi government offices in Baghdad.

Two of the Britons were working for US-based international security consultant Kroll.

A Kroll spokeswoman said: "I can confirm there were four people killed in an incident today.

"It was a suicide attack on a convoy involved in routine personnel movement.

"Two of them were working for us and two were working for a client.

"Obviously our thoughts are with the family and friends of the people who were killed. The two people (working for Kroll) were British and working as security professionals."

She said almost all security staff employed by the company came from military backgrounds.
Kroll is working in Iraq for "various government contractors", she added.

The Foreign Office said only that three Britons had been killed in an attack.

My deepest sympathy to their families.
someone from my HQ is working there as a security guard, hope he isn't caught up in the blast.

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