Britons begin to turn away from alliance with America

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Jun 7, 2006.

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  2. Bore me as if it matters really what Fred and Ethel think. The direction this country will run will be determined by the major political parties all of who are Pro America. As for turning to Europe that’s a tactic that has worked well in the past isn’t it?
  4. I think our relationship with the US will continue, however I think the future is Europe, I wouldnt be suprised if it wasnt the new world power in 60 or so years.
  5. Oh how he must have prayed not to be seated next to you on the return flight.
  6. It might be. Whether the UK wil be a part of it or not is another matter entirely. Frankly, I doubt it.
    But then I doubt the "World Power" bit too, at least without a war or two, civil or otherwise.
  7. Europe WILL be a major world power one day..... of course it will be called Greater England by then and will be a lot less crowded after the RAF carpet bombing of Brussels but what the hell, the US 8th Air Force will help if we ask nicely.
  8. Didn't Britons 'begin to turn away' before the invasion of Iraq? Or were the millions marching just out for an afternoon stroll?
  9. Not really, that was the usual assortment of terrorist sympathisers, rabid left wing homosexuals, lazy students and kids sneaking off from school. In other words the great unwashed and in no way representative of the silent majority of Brits who enjoy the sight of Shock and Awe...

    I'm suprised there wasn't a hole in the ozone layer after the B.O. of some of the marchers reached the upper atmosphere!
  10. Ah... the smell of the artist formerly known as Herrenbloke wafts into the room.

    I think the fundamental mistake of the poll is to fail to distinguish between "America" and the whale's vagina that is currently in charge. Bear in mind that a sizable majority of Americans think that their country is heading in the wrong direction too and that their CinC is a shuddering hoop.
  11. I find it hard to believe that Americans as people remain popular. I don't know a person with a good word to say about them and I personally can't stand the b*****ds. In isolation i suppose they can be considered tolerable at the very most.

    As has already been stated, whether the British as people like the Americans or not is completely irrelevant, it's the pro devolution, anti Union (as in Great Britain and Northern Ireland) party in charge of this country who is calling all the shots.

    As for Europe, what a good idea to side with a number of powerful countries who in recent times alone we have been in violent conflict with. I mean come on, can there ever be good relations between Us and Them. Maybe at political level but never with the majority of the population.

    We are an island race and that will always have a big influence on the Nation's persona.
  12. Not much chance of your level of prose attaining such heights. You're gutter-bound and there's nothing poetic about you, despite the name. Talk about misnomer!
  13. You could say exactly the same about their last CinC too though, he was pretty unpopular by the end of his second term. Certainly within the Forces.
  14. Touched a raw nerve have I Frenchie? Of course the French reputation for B.O. is pretty well founded. I'd say at least 5 bars on CAM depending on Garlic consumption. I take it you were on that march along with the Muslim rotherhood, the red front and the Judeans peoples front..... Splitters!

    As for being gutter bound, I think you will find that politically, the English star is on the rise, it will be fun, getting to use the new longbows on our enemies!!!
  15. At least he isn't using two usernames at the same time.