Britons are suspicious towards Muslims, study finds

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SUNRAY_MINOR, Jan 10, 2010.

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    I wonder if anyone will listen?
  2. I really love studies that tell us the obvious. The amount of money wasted on them, the time consumed by people asking the dumb questions, in order for us to be told something we already know!
  3. Sunray Minor, I could have told them that and I get most of my information about Old Blighty from on here.
    And I would have only charged them fifty bucks.
  4. I suppose Professor David Voas will have the pleasure of sayin "I told you so" once someting bad happens.
  5. I was so shocked and saddened to read this. How can anybody dislike persons just because they are members of the religion of peace.

    Shocking bigotry!!!

    Why do people feel this way!!!!

    On a more serious note why did they need to pay someone for this report. It makes about as much sense as the time the US NASA spent $500,000 to determine that if they had female astronauts would changes be required in the liquid waste disposal equipment. (this did not include the funds required to redesign said equipment)
  6. Apparently, the next survey to be done by the British Social Attitudes Survey is 'Do people like Brussel Sprouts?'

    I can't wait to read their findings
  7. I harbour no suspicion whatsoever of Islam. Suspicion implies doubt.
  8. Personally I think that the majority of the people surveyed must have a bit of trouble telling the difference between Islam as a religion and the tiny minority of extremists.
  9. Ursine quadraped defecates in sylvan wilderness.
  10. There was a better article in the Times recently that revealed that mosques in the UK are preventing the growth of indigenous British Islam because the Immams are all from overseas and bring with them archaic cultural and religious interpretations that really have no place in our society. That's where the problem is rooted. Until the Government grasps that particular nettle, which incidentally, would I believe, find favour with a lot of young British muslims, the problems and divisions will not only continue, but get worse.
  11. Totally agree with you!! i remember seeing a scientific study that cost a large amount of money stating dogs feel jealousy and pride (this was 6 months ago) surely anyone that owns a dog knows this lol
  12. ban and prefabably kill any saudi inmans and saudi funding for mosques there brand of islam is the equilant of phelps on drugs :roll:
  13. Oh, it's up to the Government to do something about it, is it? Nothing to do with 'indigenous' British Muslims, then? If you think that New Labour are ever going to do anything about foreign "Immams" or anything else remotely Islamic (apart from licking the arrse of every gobby Muslim thug that crosses their path), then I envy you in your happiness.
  14. I take your point. I think there's such a degree of indoctrination that it might take generations for young British muslims to rebel en masse.
  15. Well, I'd like to think that there's even the slightest chance that British Muslims, young or otherwise, will ever "rebel" against (I assume you mean) the murderous and utterly inflexible 'interpretation' of Islam currently so fashionable, whether peddled by imported clerics or otherwise. But I don't think there is; we now live in a divided society and it will stay that way till the problem reaches its (probably bloody) conclusion, one way or the other. Tragic but, as far as I can see, inevitable as long as we continue on our current path of weakness and appeasement. Militant Islam isn't interested in compromise, only in conquest, and it won't go away until it's beaten.