Briton murdered in 'tribal ritual' in Thailand

Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by KGB_resident, Jan 22, 2009.

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    How our friend Jonwilly dares to live among these barbarians?
    I hope he is OK.
  2. There is a bit more to this murder than meets the eye, what is more likely, he either pissed off someone in the local mafia , or even one of the local brownshirts , it is very easily done in LOS(Land of Smiles)just refuse to pay tea money ,At least 1 foreign business man or expat a month wakes up dead 8) in sunny thailand, life is so cheap , and your usually gobby potbellied sex tourist, doesnt realise when he starts a punch up in a bar that behind the thai smile lurks a lethal threat, whether from male or female, and in the eyes of thai law the foreigner has little or no rights :censored:
  3. Nignoy is quite right, I did some work for Thai Airways a few years ago and the standard way of solving business disputes was to have your rival assasinated (usually from a couple of Thais on a motor cycle while you are sitting in your car in a traffic jam). An English friend of mine was divorcing his Thai wife and was basically told by his solicitor to leave the country until it was finalised because 'it would all be solved a lot easier if you were dead'.
  4. According to a thai website a few minutes ago 2 separate cases of foreign business men(Bar or Shop owners) and 1 korean tourist also shot in thailand in the last 24 hours 8) Kevlar underpants anyone?? 8)
  5. And there was me believing that a Thai Bride would" Luf you long time!" :cry:
  6. Ah Sergey
    Just found this thread.
    I am dieing, but slowly, advanced age.
    Thighland is a nice place to live, young folk are educated from Nappy stage to show respect to their elders.
    I own a small place in a Block of University Students, even the boys are polite (95 % ) and the girls well for first two years they must be dressed 'St Trinians ' Syle.
    If your daft enough to Come It with the wrong folk then much same as any where on this planet, you'll get it.
    Mind you every one I know, Thai and us Frangs says that you will always get one formal warning before they Top you.
    Enough time to book a ticket and be on your way, FAST.