Briton is jailed for 15 years in Iraq as a warning to foreig

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    A STUDENT who slipped into Iraq to fight alongside al-Qaeda militants has been jailed for 15 years in a warning to other Britons not to join groups fighting US-led forces.

    Mobeen Muneef looked stunned and close to collapse as the sentence was passed at Central Criminal Court in Baghdad, watched by British and American officials.,,7374-2142406,00.html

    Result! Just read the rest of the article for his family's reaction. Priceless.

    His sister, Naureen, said: “What has happened to my brother is simply unacceptable. My brother’s fundamental human rights have been breached and the British Government have been spectators in the whole process..."

  2. Seems strange that we need to export our traitors to the Middle East for them to see justice. However, its nice to see the Foreign Office doing something useful for a change. More of the same please.
  3. Shame there isn't islamic law, I fancy a pubilc beheading!
  4. He should also be stripped of his citizenship, his family warned not to get involved otherwise they will lose their citizenship or they canbe invited to live oina more muslim country, if they didnt like British values.

    i feel mutliculturism is now dead, anyone living should embrace British Values and the flag of teh nation representing the union of countries AND people from different backgrounds.

    (going to start a thread on that theme)
  5. After a few minutes in the showers with 'Big Abdul' so will he :D
  6. 4 Years of brianwashing then....
  7. It always humours me when people arrested for any crime always complain that their civil rights have been violated, whether they be white,black yellow,christian,muslim or pagan. What about the civil rights of the people who they have commited their crimes against.
    His lawyer has admitted his guilt by saying 1 year in abu ghraib was justified.
  8. And when he gets back (sometime in 2021 I think), we can try him for treason.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Quite frankly I'd like to see his British nationality being offered to the judge.

    We need a judiciary with balls to sentence appropriately.

  10. In reply to Semper saying 'anyone living in britain should embrace British Values'. I could not agree more as when i was brought up i was always told ' when in Rome, do as the Romans do '. I did draw the line at sh@gging my Mum and Sister though. :lol:
  11. As far as i'm concerned you give up any human rights you may of had when you help terrorist organisations. His sister needs a brick to the head.
  12. could I have a lottery grant to go and visit him and laugh :twisted:
    might have to send him a letter
    dear kunt
    bwahaahahahhahaha :twisted:
  13. Muneef was told that the sentence was simply for entering Iraq illegally and violating passport laws.

    This seems very harsh indeed.

    An official from the Justice Ministry said: “This is a harsh message to would-be jihadis from abroad that if you are caught in terrorist activity you will get no leniency.”

    And this is totally irrelevant, given that he was sentenced to 15 years for violating passport laws - where's the terrorist activity associated with this sentence? Come on Murdoch, must do better. If you're going to support America, you'll need better journalists working for you, ideally ones that can write a convincing story.
  14. apprarntly caught by us marines hadanling aks to isurgent types may face another 25 years for terrorist charges :lol:
    anyone post the goodnews on