Britneys Hair...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Rocketeer, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Well, that didn't take long.. the Salon where Slutney balded herself has put the trimmed locks up for sale at $ 1 million US..[ bet they get it, too ] Guess Brit's handlers were too busy spin doctoring her meltdown to think of grabbing the sweepings [ with the way her ' career' has been going, selling the strands on E-bay might have kept her going a bit til pity sales of her albums picked up ]..

    Still, finally nice to see that her collar and cuffs match [ at least according to the photos of her frolicing with Paris in a Limo we all saw ]..
  2. Always interesting to see a person's life fall apart. The only way it could be more pathetic is if she was falling apart over the split with K-Fed (now Fed-Ex, since the divorce).

    Ah, well, just confirms I was right in seeing Christina Aguilera as the much hotter one all along.
  3. let her die without a will and we have Anna Nicole part 2...fcuking sidewhow the probate hearing is turning out to be. Not really surprising seeing it is the same Florida coast that caused the 2000 fiasco.
  4. The sooner she's bankrupt, the sooner she's willing to suck alsatians off on film for cash. Hope this therapy's expensive.
  5. Those poor lifeless cnuts who bid on her hair will be bidding on lice too the dirty scumbags. I've never liked her, the only woman to lose her virginity half a dozen times. I also hate her talentless, enemic ex boyfrined Justin Timberlake. Girls supposedly swoon over the ugly silly arse-wipe of a cnut.
  6. It's not about like, silly lad. It's about picturing Britney as the centerpiece of the Bukkake Fest...aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.
  7. This is the Multinational HQ and not the NAAFI bar, so I'll pop my head above the parapet and posit the suggestion that she might be genuinely mentally ill, as in post-natal depression. Not the same as the normal 'celebrity' FITH (F***ed In The Head) Syndrome.
  8. Somebody remarked that her hair is worth a million dollars while her brains are worth ten dollars.

    Me? I wouldnt pay more than five bucks to do her for a week.
  9. While there is/was a certain ' Lolita ' quality to Britney in the ' early years' what has happened of late is that even she has come to realize that she has reached the limit of her' talent' which, while packaged well by her management team, can't be boosted any more and there is the ' diminishing returns' factor quickly settling in..

    she came out of the same Mickey Mouse incubator as Justin and Ryan and Keri and Christina, all of whom seem to have a wee bitty more real talent than she has [ particularly Christina in the actual singing department and, obviously Keri and Ryan in the acting end - no comment on Justin's ' abilities ' ] and, I think, after a few beers and a bitch session with her, as they say, BFF Paris Hilton she got the eye opener that her ship was, if not sailing, at least idling at the dock, and that has scared her..nothing worse than an over-the-hill whore still trying to strut like she was jailbait and wanted..

    sadly, we're watching a meltdown of mega proportions.. fun will be in watching her management/agency/record label jump ship and let her slide into the dump bin at Walmart if they can't turn her around and pump out a hot new album before next Christmas tied to a ' world tour ' and guest shots on all the right talk shows to 'splain what happened and trade on any residual fan support and sympathy..all of which hinge on her getting her head straightened and her hair regrown..too much publicity for her to sport a wig, too..

    pathetic, but it makes for great gossip and watching the 'rich and famous' self-destruct does have its ' frisson '...
  10. I'd like to use her head as a bongo drum.
  11. Smear it with PX-7, and then just rub it around....
  12. Her minders reckon that is stress induced due to the upcoming custody battle over hers brats although it really is all about the money. Big own goal though!

    "If Kevin Federline's lawyer is reading this, congratulations dude. No need to worry with all that "building a case" stuff anymore, just walk in the courtroom and tell the judge to google "Britney Spears." The trial will be over in 5 minutes, because no judge in their right mind would give custody to this basket case. Kevin Federline could walk into the courtroom wearing a Spider-Man costume and carrying a severed head and Britney Spears could still only get supervised visits"
  13. I bet one person will giive a 1,000,000 dollars...

    but that there are a million people who'd give her one...

    ... if only to sell the story.
  14. I would then build it all up in to a big pile and then hit it with the palm of my hand to create a sort of "freckles" effect.

    Afterwards I would pick her up and use her like a "dip and dab", picking up things like coloured sand for my amusement.
  15. choccy really are in your own little world aren't you? Is the sun out there? :)