Britney in playboy?



Doubt it. Not enough tattoos; webbing undone; stream of urine has wrong shadows... whoops, wrong thread!

Oh, and the last time I shagged her, she didn't have black maskers all over her bits...
I just woke her up to ask - She says 'Yes it is me - and where's me fooking coffee, ciggies and breakfast ??'

Grumpy cow in the morning :D
Be nice if she was stark bollock naked , all im getting at the mo is nipple sticking through her dress and a "hint" of pink thought her wet clothes that was enough to get me polishing my helmet like mad, nowt like the suggestive :wink:
ahh dont worry a secret fan in the SAS will spy on her and take some "covert" photos just to test her security you understand? all completely innocent :D



But the problem is:

This is the Real Britney
This would be indicative, given her vacuous personality and alleged low IQ, of any real sexual relationship with her.
To wit:
Half Girl, Half Woman, Halfwit
Colin Paterson Has Interviewed Britney Spears Three Times...
And Has Yet To Find A Brain
By Colin Paterson
Sunday Herald - UK

With her combination of ambition, crassness and a look that combines All American Girl with Jordan, Britney Spears is the cultural icon our age deserves. More importantly, she is conclusive proof that star power no longer has anything to do with charisma. She is all smoke and mirrors ñ and for once that's not a drugs reference. There is no doubting Britney's ability to turn out the odd classic pop song, turn on FHM readers or execute a 360 degree turn in a dance routine, as Glasgow will find out this week. But meet her and it is all a different story. Britney is right up there with Kylie Minogue for never saying anything controversial, never saying anything intelligent and certainly never saying anything that will make you laugh.

Well, not intentionally.

I've interviewed her three times at different stages of her career. Nothing prepares you for quite how ferociously boring she is. There is simply nothing there.

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