Britney Getting Divorced

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Lifesaver, Jan 5, 2004.

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  1. duh ! what do you expect from trashy cheap trinket american 5 minute wedding !
    drive thru wedding is about as trashy as it gets , it cheapens the whole thing .
  2. Hey, I got married in a cheap trashy drive thro' wedding in Las Vegas!!!
    Still got some very nice poleroids with Elvis the Vicar. :lol:
  3. I wonder if I can get the guy that married the airhead to make an honest boiler out of my loopy daughter.

    I doubt it, at least Britneys tits haven't sagged and hasn't had her head stuck in a trouser press for three weeks.

    And take my medal off, you aren't worthy, you're a turd
  4. Tell you what though, if I was the bloke who married it and she started shouting divorce.......I'd tell her to fcuk off. Not until she lined my pockets good style............and bought that big tube of KY jelly from the local chemists. She wouldn't make any TV appearances for a fortnight.
  5. evil ! :lol:
  6. ...and after I had lined her pocket...
  7. Did I tell you I was an ordained minister of religion.

    I could marry some of you lot off right now.

    Gunny Highway & BunnyBoiler perhaps?

    You could be ordained too. It takes 2 minutes & it's my favourite price.


  8. Only in America mind. I am also signed up, 3 years now. I could be a Bishop... basher. :lol: Fuck me i am funny
  9. arrse! its all start to look a bit shite now lol , im a priest ! i will marry you cos i got permission to do so from a online website with a receipt printed out , fuk me i bet the website is american in origin :roll:
  10. It is !

    Nope, even in the UK. Do you think anyone (Government/Employer/OC etc.) has the balls to take the flak & potential court action, for determining what is a real religion and what isn't.

    As you so rightly say it is all ' a bit shite '


  11. Apply for a marriage certificate for a wedding, you won’t get one. Mr Williams had to go to America to get his mates married, and even some states over there don’t let you do it... And ULC isn't a religion, it is a church made of all religions. You can marry anyone you want, but not in the eyes of the law.


    Reverend Gunny Highway

    Quiver at my might, heathen !!

    I'm avaible for weddings and funerals.
  13. flippin heck, nearly choked on my fishermans friend at that one LOL
  14. Whats his name Lippy...sailor!! :D