Has bought any kit from this company? Some of there kit looks quite good but some of it looks just a little bit too much like Webtex which I am not a fan of.
Quality can be a rather hit or miss. Cordura is lighter weight than the issue stuff (IRR?) and doesn't last as long. Plastic buckles aren't always issue type either and stitching can be poor. OK for the little bits that don't suffer too much abuse.

They've been mentioned here before so I know others may disagree, but I'd think twice. Cheap kit is usually cheap for a reason. Some complaints on here about serviec too.
I don't want to push anyones buttons, and I'm sure I was just very unlucky, but I had a horrible experience with them. I bought a shemagh, bergen cover, LMG pouch and a hip pad. Both the latter items were described as being GENUINE ISSUED kit. The shemagh was a threadbare bit of rag, with thick, random bits of cotton hanging off around the edges (clearly not part of some clever design), the bergen cover was a Rangemaster effort and was totally unusable (this may well have been because it was new), however it's brand wasn't revealed on the website (I'm willing to take the blame on that one).

The LMG pouch was a horrible reproduction. It vaguely resembled the issued item, but that's about it! The lid was clearly the wrong shape, it used white stitching that looked pretty ropey, and the materials were completely different. The hip pad was a little better, but again, not a genuine issue item.

Now, not being one to get upset by such matters, I politely sent the goods back immediately, requesting a refund. Nothing was heard for three weeks. I then e-mailed, only to have said message bounce straight back with an "unknown address" error. I then rang them up, only to get a generic answer phone message each time. Only after an e-mail to a btinternet address I spotted tucked onto the bottom of my invoice, threatening the small claims court, did I get a phone call. To his credit, the managing director of Britkit was on the end of the phone. It turns out this bloke also owns Rangemaster, and after a bit of chat, he refunded my money vey quickly. The interesting bit is this - he told me that Rangemaster actually holds the MOD contract for the LMG pouch. When asked why my purchased item was so obviously different from the issued item, he said that they were made that way to keep costs down. Web-Tex would argue the same thing! My gripe was that it was advertised as genuine issue kit. More fool me I suppose.

Anyway, sorry for the long winded bore, I just needed to get that off my chest. Again, I'm sure I was just unlucky - give them a ring on 0845 373 5878 or use this e-mail address to have a chat with them

You're not the first to complain here about their service. The LMG pouches I've seen were all made by CQC; the same company making the 100 round patrol bag. (zipped up thingy to replace the big box). If they stitched it like that for the MoD contract I'd expect it to be rejected.

As for 'also owns Rangemaster'; they are one and the same. Britkit Direct is their retail 'wing'.
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