British WW2 trucks, a book collection and others.

Following on from my first post, I recommend the following books for those either into Military Modelling or are just old vehicle petrol heads.

Military Vehicle Data, Bellona publishing. Compiled by Mike Conniford
The first is a collection of twenty-two, 20 paged pamphlets, about 9"x 6.5". Each double page spread contains b&w photos of the titled vehicle, 1/76 scale drawings, a brief summary of the vehicle and some technical information. While not over-detailed, they certainly contain sufficient information to help with a build or two.
This collection first appeared in 1973 and is regular on e-bay. Most of the vehicles are British, Canadian or American; #5 and #10 are solely German and France, Italy and Holland make occasional appearances.


Definitely recommended for modeller. 3.5/5

A Summary of the Transport used by the British Army 1939-45, Bellona Publishing.
Compiled by Mike Conniford.

A two part, 30-page pair of booklets, measuring 5"x11". Part 1 covers Tank Transporters, Recovery vehicles and Machinery trucks; while Part 2 covers Gun Tractors, Bridging vehicles and Ambulances. Both books contain some excellent b&w photos and some minimal information on each vehicle, with a few technical details thrown in. There are one or two line drawings added for good measure. There are some fascinating details covering equipment mounted on the Machinery Trucks. Very useful if you're kit-bashing! Overall, I think an opportunity has been missed here to cover some of the lesser-known vehicles. From a modeller's point of view, the book does give adequate information and the photos are very good. Rating 3/5



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Another one I would recommend to the modeller out there is yet another offering from Mike Conniford...

Covering British built vehicles in 5cwt, 8cwt and 15cwt weight categories, this book gives detailed information on the "Landrovers" of their day. The book is in paperback format, with 90 pages B&W photos and 1/76 scale drawings.

This book, although 41 years old; is still a relevant document to the vehicle historian or modeller. With so few books published on the subject, any book with this level of information should be a must have.
Rating 4/5
British light trucks much beloved of the Germans.
Many of the pictures and films you see of the Heer in the early days of Barbarossa are mounted on captured British ones,

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