British Wrestling

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. And I'm sure Big Daddy (Shirley Crabtree), the former Coldcream Guardsman wouldn't be too happy either.
  2. Fecking Hell. That's my old School!
  3. Goiod wrestling clubs are hard to find in Britain. I wouldn't mind having a go at Lancashire Catch wrestling ... but that's almost extinct now. But you can't find a Greco Roman or Freestyle club anywhere around my parts.
  4. Wrestling, the most homoerotic sport of all time......
  5. And WWF wrestling - the most homo thing ever. EVER!!
  6. Chebby is a good one, he brings his own toaster to the ring!!!!!
  7. Well maybe, but it is the most effective and practicle form of combat. Plus I'm mature enough and confidant enough in my own sexuality to be able to watch and practice wrestling without going "tee hee gay".

    Think back to caveman times. Do you think they did boxing? They certainly didnt do any of this Karate stuff or kung Fu business. No they mauled each other to the ground smashed away at each other with ground and pound.

    If I went up against a world class boxer I'd shoot in for a double leg and take him to the ground and be able to win the fight easily. Grappling arts are way superior to striking arts because most fights end up on the ground.

    BTW - yeah WWF stuff is crap ... but I'm not on about the fake stuff.

  8. Not entirely accurate - not entirely wrong. Grappling has its place, but if you can sprawl, knee and punch at the same time, then grappling is very limited on its own.

    Much better to have MMA (mixed martial arts) in your portfolio...

    Boxing for punching.
    Muay Thai for kicking and knees.
    Brazilian Jujitsu for ground work.
    Then practice a lot.

    Check out the MAN :king: who is putting British sport on the map once more:

    For non contact hobbyists:
    Karate for making funny noises and learning Japanese.
    Taekwondo for dancing.
    Wing Chun Kung Fu for fighting with fresh air.
    WWF for Walter Mitty types.
  9. what about the dirtiest martial art of them all?

    Hu Flungdung
  10. Or Origami.

    But that's only good on paper.
  11. :lol:

    Ah, the ancient Chinese martial art, found mainly in the province of Wan King.

    Not to be mucked about with....
  12. Jesus, if you look at some of the profiles on that site, theres some right belters on there!
  13. Absolutely.

    Michael Bisping is a rising star. Fought in front of a sell our crowd of about 20,000 in Manchester on Saturday night. The best night of entertainment I've had in years.

    Here's what Tito Ortiz did to Ken Shamrock at an earlier event... these guys are not faking it like WWF.


    Video of Bisping before he became a UFC fighter:

    Link to video of Tito doing Shamrock again: