British workers taken hostage in Algeria - 2013

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. In Algeria now - situation not so clear cut, still ongoing.
  2. Hearing French and Japanese hostages. Situation very unclear ATM.
  3. BBC will love it.

    Helo crash, hostages...and horsemeat in burgers.

    Makes the licence fee seem worth every penny....

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  4. Isn't it amazing, the lengths Tesco's will go too, just to smother that horsemeat story?
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  5. Means the dividend will be lower this year...the cost of the film set in Vauxhall must have been huuuge!
  6. This ignores the fact that horseburgergate (though chopped - not minced - raw horse and echalottes, capers and a raw egg works for me) was actually a diversionary ploy by AQ.
  7. Horseburgergate...

    Nay, there is no truth in it!
  8. You never see the headline "Arab workers taken hostage" which seems strange.

    Even if you google it the hostages turn out to be chinese or some other nationality.

    Why is that......?

    It's almost as if the words Arab and worker are mutually exclusive.......!
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    Thread up already. I've merged them.
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  10. Responsibility claimed by 'written in blood' splinter group led by Mokhtar Belmokhtar, he was AQIM southern commander until recently, he left Mali to set up his own group last month. This incident was well planned. The brit that died was the security manager. I'll let you guess his background.

    Situation still up in the air. Press has changed stories several times already, but it's not a good day out.
  11. Missed this little alliteration to begin with:

    Helos, hostages and horsemeat in hamburgers...meanwhile Arsenal 4 Scunthorpe 2

    Maybe I should join the BBC?

    Still C*nts