British Women

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Phil306, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. Nice to know we come top in something...
  2. Obviously they havn't seen some of the lovelies we have in NZ!
    Fat arses, pot guts and mustaches!
    I reckon that some pom women are the sexiest in the world - I would commit all sorts of indecencies on Kate off Big Bang!
  3. Agreed there aren't many lookers in NZ, but you don't seem to export your chav scum which sort of makes up for it. And unlike your friends across the Tasman Sea, you don't keep banging on about how great all your women are when a lot of them are hardly anything special.

    On a related point, I don't think American women are second. Granted New York women are a pain in the jacks when trying to date them (they want a CV of your life story and your projected future income before going on a date) but other than that most American women are great. Even the ones that Greenpeace are trying to push back into the sea make an effort.
  4. To be fair to our women, I think that the polls must have been taken in places like Costa del Sozzle where a certain class of lady is expected. Nothing wrong with that, however, it does portray our finer women in a rougher light if you use the same shit covered brush on them all.
  5. Count themselves lucky they are at least seeing them in the sun abroad, they should see them on a cold and wet night in Glasgow, London , Manchester insert any City in Britain
  6. The poll was taken from a UK based website so it looks like it's some disgruntled Brit men that voted. You are correct though, the list of destinations on that site is a where to avoid in my eyes, the word 'resort' alone makes me shudder.

    I have a penchant for foreign women but also don't walk around with my eyes closed, so either these people live in uglyville in the UK or I happen to live in an area with disproportionately high amount of good looking British lasses.

    Basically it's a myth, much like all British men are ugly and have yellow teeth.
  7. I could suggest a few other poses for the models in the Wail's picture.

    And they could still use the bottle in order to maintain the alcohol related theme..........
  8. After walking along Feltham High Street this morning I conclude that the observation/survey is totally correct. And I include all ethnic groups.
  9. What do they want us to do about it?
  10. I was going to day that I'm pleased to say that they must have all been on holiday from Naarich, because there are only lovelies walking around. Until I went out on lunch.
  11. I don't care if they are foreign or British. Frankly, consent comes under the heading "nice to have" along with pulse, breathing and limbs.
  12. what a load of bollocks

    the highlight of my working day used to be drumming up business in leeds city centre 12 - 2, the women that work in the offices around there are gorgeous. They make the effort to be either tidy/attractive and smart or just smart.

    ladies who work in the city centre of leeds I salute you!
  13. Welsh birds vary from troll to gorgeous; it is completely binary though - there is no middle ground, it is either 1 or 0.
  14. Ditch the welsh!!!