British War Memorial Defaced-Political Correctness Responds

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Interesting that some in the media apparently manipulated the pictures accompanying the article. The second quote shows what really happened in terms of the nature of the graffiti.

    Vandals deface the town war memorial


    A ROYAL British Legion boss says vandals have “dishonoured those who have given their lives for our country” by defacing Burtonʼs war memorial.

    News - Burton war memorial - vandalsRoy Whenman, vice-chairman of the town’s Legion branch, received calls from members saying an extremist message had been written on the statue. Having been informed at 9.20am, borough council chiefs had cleaned the graffiti from the relic, situated outside Burton College, in Lichfield Street, by 9.40am.

    Mr Whenman, of Birches Close, Stretton, has described whoever committed the offence as “diabolical”.

    He said: “There’s nothing worse, in my eyes, than discrediting a war memorial. It dishonours those who have given their lives for our country.

    “I don’t know how long it was there for, but I was pleasantly surprised by the council’s quick action and I commend them for it.

    “What I would say to them is there are other ways of expressing your anger about certain issues.”

    Dennis Fletcher, chairman of East Staffordshire Racial Equality Council, said he suspected someone from the far right was responsible.

    He said: “My reaction is one of horror. Just two nights ago at our general committee meeting we were talking about the harmony between communities in the borough.

    “I suspect members of the far right have done this to stir things up and there are generally very good inter-cultural relations in East Staffordshire.

    “Graffiti of any type is terrible but when it includes racist material it has to be considered utterly unacceptable.”

    An East Staffordshire Borough Council spokesman said: “We would say that this vandalism is deplorable and we do our best to clean such graffiti as soon as we possibly can.”

    ■ The Mail has manipulated the mainpicture to remove some of the content of the message.
  2. Would love to be able to say I'm shocked but I'm not. This country is a fekin' toilet now, no balls or bite about us.
  3. He is correct... Islamists are far right.
  4. I think we here in the US are "ahead" of you on the slide.
  5. What happens stateside comes over here soon after, seems to be quicker of late.. :(
  6. Sadly I have to agree with davyskuller, and unfortunatly is going to take a lot to get this country back to any semblance of what it was......and I don't think any politicians at the moment have the bollocks or the strength to do it.

    Of course, no ethnic minority has a bad bone in their body....not a single one of them would do such a thing. :roll: prick
  7. "Shh, don't stir up the muslims now" to paraphrase chris rock a'la longest yard
  8. It is also impossible here to have an intelligent discussion of many issues that are the proverbial "elephants in the room" because merely to raise them results in unfounded accusations of racism, bigotry and bias. Many in the media are also usually willing co-conspirators in that they merely perpetuate the accusations by repetition instead of challenging the accusers to provide proof and also to force them to actually discuss the underlying substantive issues.

    A classic case in point is the situation here where if one has the temerity to ask whether our current master is actually qualified for the most powerful job on earth, we never get to the discussion due to the cacophony of spurious attacks of racism.
  9. Dennis Fletcher is right! As has been said, Islamic extremists are from the far right!
  10. Good shout JJ, too many good people are scared to voice true opinions in the fear they will be shot down in flames and burnt at the cross. Cldnt give a flyingfcuk what colour or creed my leader is, just want him to do the job in hand and try and listen to the majority, not pander to minority help the aged black/asian transsexual homosexual/lesbian tree huggers.
  11. Only white people can be far right? Where would you place fundamentalist muslim extremists on the political spectrum then?
  12. According to these arseholes, the flag of Islam will be flying above Bucks Palace soon. Hmm, no more Queen's Christmas message then then.

    So there we have it..liberate them and then fight to keep our respective countries from being taken over. Oh I forgot, no need, they are outbreeding us six to one.
  13. No Queen's Christmas Message perhaps, but maybe this fella will say a few words at the beginning of Ramadan. :wink:


    Turn up the volume on your telly as I'm told he is a bit of a mumbler. :lol:
  14. just because it looks like a duck does'nt mean its a duck ffs :x
    got youth Cnd banned from my school along with other by writing CND symbols all over the cadet noticeboard :twisted:

    might be a muslim nutter/ might be a nazi nutter.
    thought an al muj nutter would have used arabic not the kaffir language :?
  15. defense of Cabana, with whom I have had on occasion had serious differences on other issues, I think he was being tongue in cheek.