British war debt to US due to be paid off by 31 Dec

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taz_786, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. Perfect timing eh?

    Another reason to raise a glass come Hogmanay!
  2. so does this mean we have spare cash again???? if so how are the Government going to spend it?
  3. This labour government has spent it, and more besides.
  4. A bit more info from

    So its only £45Million a year, a drop in the ocean when considered as part of the over all budget. Though I'm sure it will be put to good use, no doubt at least in part to furnish some ministers with a Jag or 3 each.
  5. Will they pay back what the war in Iraq has cost us?
  6. Can we lend lease some blackhawks?
  7. Maybe we can now afford for a few more Chief Constables to have their shower facilities brought up to scratch ;-)
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    i thought we paid it off under thatcher...
  9. Any other country's still owe money from ww2 era' ?!?!
  10. I'm sure this is the second, or perhaps third, similar story I've seen under this government.
  11. Why can't we recoup these repayments from the Germans? They started it? :twisted:

    not quite true, technically we started it, but they had invaded Poland before the UK issued the fateful ultimatum
  12. Ironic to consider that, from memory, we were the largest beneficiaries of Marshall aid...
  13. Most other countrys had theirs written off, I know both the Germans, French and Soviets had massive chunks of their debts slashed as it was obvious they wouldnt be able to keep up with payment.
  14. What took you feckers so long?
  15. - The Soviet Union reached an Agreement in 1972 on repayments of US deliveries to the USSR;

    The list below is the amount of war matériel shipped to the Soviet Union through the Lend-Lease program from the beginning of it until 30 September 1945.

    Aircraft 14,795 -B25's, A20's, P39's, P63's, C47's, for the most part

    Tanks 7,056- Granted most of these Tanks were M3 Grants of little practicality, but were in Frontline use by US/UK as well at that time. They did also recieve the M4A2,76mm(w) in some numbers.

    Jeeps 51,503
    Trucks 375,883
    Motorcycles 35,170
    Tractors 8,071
    Guns 8,218
    Machine guns 131,633
    Explosives 345,735 tons
    Building equipment valued $10,910,000
    Railroad freight cars 11,155
    Locomotives 1,981
    Cargo ships 90
    Submarine hunters 105
    Torpedo boats 197
    Ship engines 7,784
    Food supplies 4,478,000 tons
    Machines and equipment $1,078,965,000
    Non-ferrous metals 802,000 tons
    Petroleum products 2,670,000 tons
    Chemicals 842,000 tons
    Cotton 106,893,000 tons
    Leather 49,860 tons
    Tires 3,786,000
    Army boots 15,417,000 pairs