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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ShoghunUK, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. I don't often post, but read with interest, however, this a certain site has me a tad annoyed.

    Not sure if anyone has seen this site or commented on it before (been away for a while), but they offer British Veterans an ID card (not for free) in order that they can be recognised. As an added bonus, if you get the card, you are entitled to discounts from various companies.

    I am soon to be a 'veteran', having done 22 years, although I have VEng, I think I will be medically discharged due to injury (med board is this month :cry: ). As a veteran, I am entitled to a veterans badge, from the MOD, free of charge. I don't need to prove that I was in the Forces, as the MOD knows.

    This site asks for written proof.

    We all know that there are probably more walters out there then serving members, and anyone can fake documents with a pc and printer. So, in all probability, there are people out there, using this card, who have never served.

    Why should this bother me?

    It bothers me as there are legitimate veterans out there who may be entitled to discounts, yet won't receive them as they haven't bought this card. I know that Virgin Atlantic recognise the card, but not the badge.

    Not only that, there is someone out there who is profiting from selling these cards and possibly earning a fee from companies for which this card enables discounts! I could be wrong (still investigating it), so if anyone knows better, please educate me.

    Ok, its a bit of a rant, and I apologise. Basically, if anyone has any information about this card or has even got one, I would be interested in your comments/views/b0ll0ckings for being an idiot.

    I believe that veterans should be entitled to discounts and whatever other assistance that would make their lives easier. These are people who have had the guts to serve their country. Lets face it, not all veterans are old gits like me, some are very young and very hurt. They shouldn't have to pay to prove that they served their country.

    Rant over :oops:

    Just as I posted this, I saw a post in Charities and Welfare for this site.
  2. Edited for flid fingers. :x
  3. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    So what in your opinion constitutes a veteran?
    The badge is given out to any who served for no matter how long.
    You can buy them on flea bay. The badge proves sod all.
  4. I suppose a fair description of of veteran is, a person that signed up when they were needing them not just feeding them 8)
  5. No ID required. No matter how civified they think they are, one can generally spot another at 5 paces. Nor does it matter how much a walt has boned up, he's just as easy to "out". There's a strong contingent of veterans where I work. The piss taking doesn't stop when you get out - thank God.
  6. For some reason I opened this thread expecting to be offered a card with silhouettes of common types of veterans – ‘national serviceman covered in bought bling’, ‘bloke in pub who was 2nd man on the balcony’, etc, etc.


  8. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours


    Edit to add the only concession I have is a VCTC Oyster Card:

    There is the MOD sponsored Forces Discounts but to be honest I get get more off by trawling the web.
  9. The card is about yay good and in my opinion worth diddly squat...who gives a fuk about it? not very many!!!
    If you were in the forces and you know you were in then that good enough has far i i concerned....has for discount on certain products etc ..i would imagine this would be useful at least once in your life at most and even then i would imagine that you will end up the loser.
  10. So 22 years holding back the Soviet hordes doesn't count?
  11. Thirded !
  12. When I left the army, (it was left tidy sir- honest) , we never referred to "old soldiers" other than as where and when did this veteran bollox come from..........Tony Blair????
  13. [/quote]

    When I left the army, (it was left tidy sir- honest) , we never referred to "old soldiers" other than as where and when did this veteran bollox come from..........Tony Blair????[/quote]

    Maybe when the guys leaving hadn't completed thier full service because they were medically discharged due to injuries, or disability and they are only 20 odd years old!

    No offence, but that attitude just hinders the fact that some of these guys are having a hard time coping (and I also mean those that did leave, time served, but aren't doing so well). Call them what you will, but they deserve the support of all of us. We look out for each other when we are serving, we should do the same when they can no longer serve.

    Just my tuppence worth.
  14. That is worth tuppence and more.