Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by cuchulain, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. Some years ago, before I had discovered the joys of the internet I was serving in France. I had some regimental battle honours in my diary and it used to amuse me to say 'Happy Salamanca Day' or 'Happy Waterloo Day' etc to my French colleagues. In fact, it amused my childish mind so much to tease the French with such puerile witticism that I set out to find a victory in battle by the British over the French for every day of the year. Of course, despite many hours of going through many history books, I failed. Not only that, but I came across rather too many French victories over the British for comfort.

    I recently 'found' my list again and wondered if the collective genius of the ARSSE site might help me complete it. Call me lazy for not doing more work myself, but I thought that this might also pique the interest of some of you.

    If I were to do it again I would probably have done so on Excel for ease of sorting but I was not exactly a computer whiz when I produced this (nor am I now!).

    So, over to you if anyone would care to add to or correct my list I'm all ears.

    A few points:

    1. Dates in history books may vary prior to the switch in 1752 from the Julian to the Gregorian calendars.

    2. For a reason that I cannot explain, dates in different history books may vary by 1 day.

    3. Outcome of battles may vary according to interpretation.

    4. The list is not exhaustive. I have chosen to ignore some minor encounters although I included others where it suited my needs.

    5. The French often call the battles by a different name.

    6. I kept each entry to one line only.

    7. I chose to start at 1066.

    8. I didn't have enough data to classify the 20 odd battles at the bottom of the list.

    9. I was liberal with my use of dates of sieges (beginning/end) to suit my purposes.

    10. Bold script = BR victory, normal script = FR victory and Italic script = draw.

    I hope that my attachment now works.


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  2. Marseille 15 June 1998

    England fans 1 French fans 0
  3. Tres drole, but not quite the response that I was hoping for.
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

  5. 3 Apr 1367 Navarrette. 20,000 ENG beat 40,000 FR/SP. Losses: Allies 9,000; ENG 100.

    Hard or What!!!

  6. Gremlin

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    Sorry Fishguard is already there Feb 23rd,

    Oh well, Long live Jemima the Great!!!
  7. Gundulf,

    I like that one too.

    I suppose that you wouldn't be surprised to hear that the French seem to remember with pleasure and quote at me 1214 Bouvines, 1745 Fontenoy (I've seen several bars in the Hexagon named after that) and 1940 Oran (Mers-el-Kebir) but the latter for different reasons.

  8. Got a few naval ones that might be interesting. I'm building a model of the frigate Diana for my boy, so that's why they all involve her.

    17 May 1800 HM Frigate Diana took French Privateer La Medie

    29 June 1800 HM Frigate Diana took French Privateer L'Industrie (I know you've got one for that date, but it's a French victory!);

    28 February 1801 HM Frigate Diana took French privateer Le Triumphant;

    Night 23-24 December 1810, boats of HM Frigate Diana go in to La Hogue roads and set fire to French Frigate L'Elize, aground after an action on 12th November.

    Cheers. Good project!
  9. You may like to add the incident of the lines of Torres Vedras in 1810. Marshal Massena was marching on Lisbon and was set to throw the British army into the sea but was met by possibly the largest fortification ever built. An entire peninsula reshaped with 3 defensive lines, hundreds of forts and batteries and over 1000 artillery pieces. This was built in secret and Massena had no idea of its existance until he arrived. Not sure what date you would use, either 11th Oct when the frogs arrived and saw the lines or 15th Nov when Massena finally gave up and fecked off back to Spain. A scorched earth policy in the rest of Portugal had led to the French army being starved of supplies. In 1811 British reinforcements arrived and the peninsular war was renewed. The lines were never used again. Total cost £100,000 at the time.

  10. Possibly the only defensive line in history that was not breeched or outflanked.
  11. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Whatever they say, Oran WAS a British victory :twisted:
  12. Angular and Degenerate,

    Thank you both. I've got more chance of covering every day in the year if I include French victories, much though it sticks in the craw.

    I have been doing a fair bit of googling since I posted this but in general have found that my trawl through the books all those years ago was quite effective after all.