British UOR 60mm Mortar

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. Is this the same sort of thing as the old 51mm but just a bit bigger . how is it going down and any pics please ?
  2. Used either the same way as the 51mm or can be used in the bipod role same as the 81mm
  3. Nice little kit reference, that. Where the hell was it when I had to do veh recognition lessons? :)
  4. forgive me for being ignorant but what has actually changed between the 51 and the 60?

    what functions does it perform more adequatley than the 51? im guessing it can carry a bigger payload but other than that what advantages does it hold over the 51?
  5. AFAIK the 51mm ammo isn't made anymore and starting a production line for it wouldn't be very cost effective, so it was being withdrawn (without being replaced originally).
  6. On the Mortar thread there is a post from one of the ATs on the site....

    Basically, Royal Ordnance bulldozed the manufacturing line for 51mm ammo.... as no one, including the British Army were purchasing the stuff. IIRC the Army were given the option to save the line.

    Basically the choice is.... rebuild the line for 51mm, or find a replacement.

    From what I can see the 60mm does an admirable job, and even brings some extra goodness to the party (ie the option to bipod or fire like a 51.

    Downside heavier ammo, upside heavier ammo on target :twisted:
  7. 51mm was just the hangover from the 2" stuff we had for years. Remember your inserts? Good but as the guys have mentioned above re-tooling for more bombs is not sustainable. 60mm is widely available (and even used by our Spam cousins in theatre) so cadging a few bombs aint an issue.
    You'll like it once you have a few shots of it.
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  8. because it can be used in the bipod role by qualified mortar men we can use the ballistic computer making it more accurate and becasue its just a smaller version of the 81mm it is man portable unlike the 81mm
  9. we had the 60 and 51 on herrick we found the 60 was good but a bit too heavy to be used light role, we only had the longer barrel which was heavier than the shorter variant. we found it was more accurate than the 51. we would mainly use the 60 when in a fixed location and the 51 when out on patrol. it'll be a shame to get rid of the 52 as it is still very effctive.

    we also found the IR illum was really useful
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  10. Calibre
    Longer Range
    More explosive content
  11. Bit off topic regarding the thread but have you read the UGL bit.....buckshot for CQB????